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You must always choose to partner with one of the best executive search firms in India who perform retained search, rather than contingency search. Although a little expensive, they’ll bring better and long-term results.


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Choosing The Right Executive Search Firm – WalkWater Are you looking to recruit executives Then you need to know how to go about it. The best way to get the best kind of candidates for the job is by hiring a third party executive search firm to help you recruit. But with the multitude of search firms in the market how would you know which one you should hire You need to be able to identify and choose the right executive search firm so that you get the best results. What is an executive search firm Before we dive into what all we need to look in a search firm let’s first understand what an executive search firm exactly is. It is a recruitment company that specializes in sourcing high quality candidates for senior level jobs who need to possess high level responsibilities. Some executive search firms offer contingency

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search while other offer retained search. Then there are others who may offer both. What do executive search firms do Contingency search firms are plainly concerned with filling a position in a company and getting their payment. What they do is look for the qualifications required for the job after which they search their list of candidates for those qualifications and match the best fit so as to fulfill the placement. But retained executive search firms are more effective in bringing to the company the right candidate for the job. They don’t just match the qualifications of the candidate and the requirements of the job they do much more than that. They first understand the business the culture the requirements and the future goals that the company is willing to achieve. Then based on all the research they look for candidates who can take the company further to achieve those goals. Thus they aren’t looking to fulfill only the present vacancies but also future missions. This makes it clear that if you are looking to simply fill in your current vacancies you could opt for any recruitment agency or contingency search firm. But if you want to be able to accomplish future goals with an efficient team you must always opt for a retained executive search firm. You can have all kinds of executive and high-level jobs filled by hiring an executive search firm such as managers leaders CEOs project managers and more. So whether you are short of resources or talent to find the right candidates or

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want to deliberately hire a professional for the task you can easily get in touch with WalkWater Talent Advisors one of the best executive search firms in India having an experience of serving clients across almost all kinds of industries. What benefits can be achieved with an executive search firm With a retained executive search firm you can avail the following benefits –  You can be able to fill a high-quality candidate for the job because of the high-quality network of high-level professionals that executive search firms have across various industries. Thus their pool of talent is far larger more exclusive and of much higher quality. Moreover executive search firms will not only search from the list of job seekers but will actively look for candidates who can be apt for the client’s company and convince them to come for an interview whether or not they want a job change or not.  An executive needs to have a rare mix of skills required for a high level of position. Top retained executive search firms understand this well and are well-versed to easily find the right fit. After all some positions are too important to afford any mistakes This is where executive search firms help by thoroughly assessing every candidate’s resume for intricate details and taking a thorough interview to understand the candidate’s calibers better.

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 When everything is well identified and only then a candidate is placed in an organization it is clear that the employee will stay for a good amount of time by proving to be a benefit for the company. Thus approaching a reputed and experienced executive search firm can bring to you long-term employees not having you to worry about replacements and recruitments anytime soon. For more Information:

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