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When you are looking for talent for your organization, one that can prove fruitful to you in the long run, it is better that you hire leading talent acquisition companies in India, rather than third party recruiters. Here’s why.


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Should You Recruit Candidates Or Acquire Talent - WalkWater Talent Advisors Every employer wants a good employee that fits perfectly into the required job profile. And every college pass-out wants a job in a good company. Taking the benefit of this there are many third party recruiting teams who get in touch with both the companies and candidates to help fix them up for an appointment. Remember how you also were hired by a recruiting team for your first job on or off campus Today the recruiting industry in India is a 6 billion dollar trade so you can imagine the number of recruiting teams you can find across the country But are all these recruiters actually genuine or reliable Well the world we live in today is a world of immense competition and you cant settle for anything but the best. You need to have the best suitable candidate for the job – one who not only fits into the role of what the job profile is seeking but one who also has the

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capability to do more than what is required and the talent to take up the responsibilities of others in case they are temporarily absent from their duties. Especially when looking out for higher posts like CEOs executives managers and team leaders you need candidates who are positive and confident and have the talent of both ruling over the rest of the team while also working shoulder to shoulder with them as and when required. Considering the above scenario what you may need is not a candidate but a talent. So how do you find one It could be a difficult and challenging task to find that one talent for your organization who can take you towards success. One wrong hire and you’re in for trouble. There should thus be no risk taken and the job must be left in the hands of a professional. The professionals we speak of here aren’t the regular recruiters that we have been seeing doing their jobs of hiring people based on their CVs and comparing them with the job vacancy descriptions of the organization. Instead we would want you to focus on hiring leading talent acquisition companies in India one like WalkWater Talent Advisors who are working hard to bring not an individual but an entire package to an organization taking into account both the present and the future of the business. Let us dive deeper into understanding why you need talent acquisition companies and not recruiters. They have a different vision  Recruitment is based more on filling the current vacant positions in an organization by comparing the job profile required and the

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qualifications of the candidate. If both the things seem to match candidates are called on for interviews and screening picking out the best out of the lot to fill up the vacancy.  Talent acquisition on the other hand is not focused on quickly filling up the vacant positions just for the sake of it. Instead it is more focused on the long term benefits of bringing a candidate into the organization. A talent acquisition company will help find the most ideal candidate with the most apt qualities and this they will do only after planning a strategic procedure designed to ensure that only the best possible talent is hired. They have a different procedure to work on  Recruiters are only concerned with filling one vacant job position and that too immediately because they want to be the first one to hire for the company so that they are paid for getting them the hire and do not have to leave the opportunity to another recruiting agency. Thus what they will do is learn about the qualifications that the company is looking for and go through the record of candidates they have on their waiting list to look for any matching profiles. They pick out the few matching profiles and then shortlist candidates by screening. They then send the shortlisted candidates to the company for final interviewing.  Talent advisors on the contrary have a proper strategy in place. They first take a look at all the aspects of the company looking for the business the values the working culture and the short and long term goals. They are more concerned with benefitting the

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company rather than finishing off the task. This is why they collect all sorts of data from various sources possible and closely analyze relevant key performance indicators. A brand identity is then devised emphasizing on the company culture and attributes that make it standing out from the rest. Based on all of this understanding they nurture leads source candidates and set up interviews. Clearly leading talent acquisition companies in India can help with the long-term goals of a business which is why it is better to choose one such company against multiple third-party recruiters. For more Information:

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