Signs Indicating Your Dog Requires More Exercise

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All dogs need regular exercise however there are certain breeds of dogs that may need more exercise as compared to other breeds. The working breeds or larger breeds of dogs like German Shepherds and Alsatians might need at least one hour of running on a regular basis at the same time toy breeds such as Chihuahua would be just fine with simply a daily short walk. However it is not simply about the breed of the dog as individual needs of your pet vary a lot too since one dog may be more hyperactive compared to the other one both being of the same breed. Hiring the services of the dog sitters can be a great idea if you are unable to make time to walk your dog. Here are some signs indicating that your beloved dog needs more activity: Obesity The most important sign indicating lack of exercise is obesity. Dogs who are obese or overweight definitely need more exercise as it is highly critical to maintain a healthy weight.

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Destructive behavior When dogs get bored and don’t get ample amount of exercise they tend to become aggressive and destructive. If you want your dog to behave and stay calm then provide your dog with enough exercise so that they can release those stored energy. Excessive barking Another effect that lack of exercise has on dogs is that they bark excessively. Also taking them to pet grooming salon Dubai once in a while can help keep them cool and happy.

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