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Asphalt Roof or Metal Roof, which one is right for you? Find out more here:


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Asphalt Roof or Metal Roof?:

Asphalt Roof or Metal Roof? Showing You What Makes A Metal Roof Valuable


Asphalt roof or metal roof? While both can cover your house, as a roof should function, which one is the better of the two? Most American houses sport the traditional asphalt roof, but many Americans are shifting towards metal roofing solutions. Here are some of the benefits of choosing metal roofing to cover your home.

Overall Costs:

Overall Costs While asphalt roofs are cheaper to install than metal roofs, asphalt roofs are known to last not even half as long as a metal roof. If a good metal roof can last 50 years, you would be looking into your second or third asphalt roof replacement. Asphalt roofs also require regular maintenance, such as replacing shingles, that can become costly over the span of your current roof’s lifetime. The main source of maintenance for a metal roof is hosing it off from ground level when necessary.

Metal Roofs Can Last Almost An Entire Lifetime:

Metal Roofs Can Last Almost An Entire Lifetime The life expectancy for the traditional asphalt roof is twelve to twenty years, with the average being seventeen years. A roof like that actually starts deteriorating the moment it is installed, and can deteriorate in even the most common and mild weather patterns and conditions. Some metal roof companies also offer guarantees on their metal roofs, so you can be assured that your roof will last for decades to come.

Environmentally Friendly:

Environmentally Friendly An unfortunate fact about asphalt roofs is how non-environmentally friendly they are. Every year, 2 billion pounds of asphalt is dumped into landfills. Metal can be recycled, and most metal roofs come from recycled materials already. Once your metal roof’s time has come to retire, the metal can be repurposed for another metal roof.

Prime Insulation:

Prime Insulation Metal roofs are exquisite at reflecting solar rays off of the roof, so that heat doesn’t get trapped in the house. This allows for you to see a sharp decrease in your electric bills for your air conditioner will not have to work nearly as hard. In the winter, the hot air that rises will also be trapped under the metal roof, so you can remain comfortable in cold winter and you won’t have to run your heater as much or bundle up.

Ideal Against Rain:

Ideal Against Rain One of the most destructive forces in nature is running water. Getting a stone wet and allowing it to dry off may not damage it, but throw it in a river and come back a few years later and you will see it has eroded away a bit. The same can be true with your asphalt roofing.  Weather Shield Metal Roofing , a  Pensacola metal roofing  company, says that enough rain will erode your shingles, and can lead to water damage. Metal roofs are designed to solidly protect against rain and snow, so that internal water damage will not occur.

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