What you need to know about Digital Two Way Radio

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Wireless Voice And Data is a full-service two-way radio communications company, providing portable radio, communication products & services in Bay Area, California. Browse our brands Kenwood, Icom, Motorola etc to get info on all our latest products.


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What you need to know about Digital Two Way Radio? Our varied range of services within the two-way radio industry aims at providing effective solutions to meet all the requirements of the customers. Analogue and Digital Two Way Radio has taken the market by storm and because of its convenience and easy to use methods. www.wvdsf.com

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Digital Two Way Radio The digital representation of communication on a screen through computer aided dispatch or CAD is known as Digital Two Way Radio. This is easier to use and much more convenient than an analogue one. Sometimes, analogue conditions like pressure or levels are translated to form decipherable data words. Other features include paging, numeric messaging and text messaging. Character encryption through modulation schemes and frequency shifting are some features found in Digital Two Way Radio. www.wvdsf.com

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Emergency Radio One of the most important things in an emergency kit, the emergency radio finds use for communicating with authorities during disastrous situations and times of crisis. These radios deliver NOAA alerts through AM radios. Most emergency radio runs on renewable power sources. They are equipped with energy savers that use renewable sources of energy. www.wvdsf.com

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Icom Radio Icom is a leading brand as the manufacturer of two way radios. P25, the digital standard that ensures safe public communications in all of North America is a religiously adopted by Icom . Their line of products, especially Icom Radio has since extended their line with more features and functionalities by introducing P25 trucking. www.wvdsf.com

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Contact Details We have a wide range of quality two-way radio from Kenwood, Icom , Otto and Motorola in Bay Area, California. We supply, install and support a vast array of products from the manufacturers. 24x7 Customer support http://www.wvdsf.com 415-647-4300 Address  Bay Area, San Francisco, California, 94102, USA

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