Resources for Web Designers The Only Guide You Always Wanted

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Resources ​ ​for Web Designers: ​ ​The Only ​ ​Guide You ​ ​Always Wanted

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The world of designers is jam-packed with some of the most creative brains walking around on the globe. Playing with colors and messing up with codes to create a complete website is what ​ ​a ​ ​designer ​ ​should ​ ​be ​ ​competent ​ ​at ​ ​say ​ ​the ​ ​top ​ ​​web ​ ​designing ​ ​companies ​ ​in ​ ​USA ​. However the real challenge comes when a designer couldn’t find the best resources images icons templates etc or is unaware of the great places to find them. Today when we can’t deny the power of the internet if you are connected you can find profuse amounts of any designing resource you crave for and that for free. Here’s the list to guide you to exactly where ​ ​you ​ ​want ​ ​to ​ ​go: 1. ​ ​Mashup ​ ​Template Mashup Template lets you find and download HTML5/CSS templates you feel suits you the best. All templates are fully customizable. You can edit the code the images and renovate it right from the bottom to the top. These templates are crafted using blocks and components which are customizable. On a side note all the templates are 100 free with no hidden charges. Munificent ​ ​ ​ ​Miser ​ ​Food ​ ​Vendors ​ ​and ​ ​What ​ ​IT ​ ​Industry ​ ​can ​ ​Learn ​ ​from ​ ​Them

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2. ​ ​Now ​ ​UI ​ ​Kit A great resource by Creative Tim offering a bunch of free components plugins and example pages based on BootStrap. The free version includes all the aforesaid elements while the Pro version offers you over 1000 components 7 plugins and 11 example pages. Anything ​ ​you ​ ​download ​ ​includes ​ ​PSD ​ ​and ​ ​Sketch ​ ​files. 3. ​ ​EveryPixel: ​ ​A ​ ​Search ​ ​Engine ​ ​for ​ ​Stock ​ ​Images EveryPixel is a search engine for stock images. You can find an image vector and graphics from countless Stock Images Websites. Moreover you can filter your search by Paid or Free color horizontal or vertical and much more. A lot of ​web designing services ​worldwide make use ​ ​of ​ ​this ​ ​useful ​ ​search ​ ​engine ​ ​for ​ ​their ​ ​projects’ ​ ​requirements.

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4. ​ ​Stockio Ever heard about FreePik or Shutterstock Of Course you might have. Well these two giants will usually have all you ever wanted however you shouldn’t miss Stockio the new player in the town to occasionally find cool stuff and that for free. It features fonts videos and ​ ​vectors ​ ​to ​ ​be ​ ​used ​ ​freely ​ ​for ​ ​commercial ​ ​and ​ ​personal ​ ​use.

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Now as you some of the biggest and best the web design resources you won’t have to spend minutes or hours finding the image or vector you wanted. Just bookmark all these websites and ​ ​keep ​ ​these ​ ​resources ​ ​at ​ ​your ​ ​fingertips.

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