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Indulge yourself into the volunteering program organized in various parts of India to educate the poor people living in remote areas.


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Welcome to the Volunteer Program Campaign to India By Integreted Social Program in Indian Child Education


Child Care When people are into the Volunteering in India then one of the major parts to serve as a good educator of the children.


What are the inclusion of the Volunteer Program 1. Teach English and preliminary subjects 2. Make the students aware of how to talk and behave with the people


People residing at the rural area get to know about the things to do or not to so that it creates a good impact on the spciety. Creating Variable skills among the children


There are lots of happy faces of the children around India. Volunteer program is such an initiative to help one child to become successful in his/her specialize area.


Thank You For more information regarding the volunteering and its oppotunities in India visit- http://www.volunteerindiaispiice.com or call us at 98054019998

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