Why You Should Join Volunteer Organizations in Your Community.

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Volunteer organization plays a crucial role in development of a country. This ppt will provide a complete information on importance of joining a volunteer organization.


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Why You Should Join Volunteer Organizations in Your Community Presented By : http://www.volunteerindiaispiice.com/


Introduction Volunteer organization is a group of individuals who enters into an agreement as a volunteer to form a organization or a body to accomplish a task or purpose. After a volunteer organization is established and community support grows, it should adopt a consistent method of handling activities. There are many opportunities to work as a Volunteer organizations in India such as Teaching English to children, Women’s Empowerment projects, IT Teaching projects, Street Children projects, Renovation of local institutions etc.


CHaracteristics of Volunteer Organization Depending on the individual's activities volunteer organization can be characterized into six main part these are : 1. Autonomy from the State. 2. Self-governance through a board of unpaid trustees. 3. Membership that is neither inherited nor prescribed. 4. Aid from philanthropy. 5. Benefit for or service to non-members. 6. Not-for-profit orientation.


Three Reasons to Join Volunteer Organizations Take a look at this list of three additional reasons you should make the move to get involved with a nonprofit group. 1) You'll meet new people. Donating time or getting involved in fund raising provides a great opportunity to meet others who care about the same things you care about. 2) You have the opportunity to pursue something you're passionate about. Some people have the luxury of working in a field they feel passionate about. Others think of their job as more of a responsibility or obligation that may have little to do with issues or topics they truly care about in life. 3) You'll be helping yourself. Many people don't realize that getting involved with volunteer organizations is about more than just giving to others. Though that is certainly reason enough, the good news is that there are direct health benefits for those who are giving as well.


Benefits of Volunteer Work for a Volunteer Organizations 1. Help To Improve Your Community: Taking part in a volunteer project in your local area can help you to connect with your local community. 2. Develop New Skills: Volunteering can open doors to exciting opportunities that can allow you develop and learn new skills. 3. Meet New People: You needn't choose between a social life and volunteering. If you pick an area that you are interested in the chances are you will be mixing with like minded people and the shared experiences can create a great basis for friendship. 4. Improve Your CV: With the competition for job opportunities as fierce as ever displaying that you have completed volunteer work may give you the edge on a rival.


Conclusion Some volunteer organizations require you to travel overseas. Sometimes the tasks that you are expected to perform as a volunteer in these types of programs are teaching English to natives, helping dig wells so that they can have clean and healthy drinking water, and those that work with medicine so that the native health care needs can be met. Finding the right volunteer organizations will also make your work enjoyable. No matter what kind of work you do, you will feel as though you have accomplished something great. People will benefit all over the world from the good work that you do.


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