Why can India be your next Volunteering destination?

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Now a days India is becoming one of the most popular country for volunteering. Volunteering in India currently picking up the pace. This ppt will help you to have a clear knowledge why India can be your next volunteering destination?


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Make India as Your Next Volunteering Destination Presented by: http://www.volunteerindiaispiice.com/


Introduction India being a diversity country that it almost always leaves to its visitors enthralled and wanting for more. Volunteering is generally considered altruistic activity where an individual or groups provides services to the underprivileged people and children. Volunteering in India is currently picking up the pace. Volunteering may have positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community.


Why do Volunteer in India? Volunteering India provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteers in India. In India there are many opportunities to work as a volunteer. Volunteering in India includes women's empowerment project, teaching English to children, IT teaching projects, street children projects, renovation of local institutions etc. The increasing population of the country has resulted in a critical situation. The poor of the country suffer from malnutrition, lack access to safe drinking water, basic health facilities and a proper shelter Apart from the poverty that needs to curbed, there is also one of the biggest reason why India should be picked as a volunteering destination.


Who Can Volunteer in India There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years to be able to take up a volunteering project offered by the volunteering organizations. Anyone can take a part as volunteer in India such as gap year students, housewives, professional , families university students, gap year travelers. People who are enthusiastic about India and its culture should also take up volunteering opportunities in the country as it is very refreshing and a unique way to understand foreign culture.


Volunteering Opportunities Available in India There are many opportunities to work as a volunteer in India such as working with orphans, teaching English to children, women empowerment, street children programs, medical internships, health care programs etc. The work in projects involving kids usually includes spending time with the kids. Arrange fun and educative event. Nourishing atmosphere for kids who are living in orphanages. In the women empowerment programs the volunteers are expected to make a difference in the lives of the subjugated women, teach them some valuable life skills, impart education and contribute in making them employable to make a decent living.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Volunteering in India A few things need to be considered just before volunteering in India. Necessary traveling and medical health insurance should be bought in order to be ready for any unexpected emergency. Vaccinations may also be essential prior to visiting India because a general change in weather conditions or changes in hygiene standards could affect the travelers. All volunteers need to keep additional precaution and consume only bottled water and also high quality food items to keep any bacterial infections at bay. Culture sensitivities also needs to be considered and one should dress accordingly.


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