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Greenfield High School Library: 

Greenfield High School Library A Long Range Plan 2005 - 2006

What made me finally decide to finish a Long Range Plan?: 

What made me finally decide to finish a Long Range Plan? NO BUDGET and the Collection was OUT-OF-DATE Changes in Student Research created by TECHNOLOGY. Recent positive experiences with PLANNING. Plan was for Greenfield Public Schools—NOT MBLC

Another Committee?: 

Another Committee? Teachers: “I’m tied up with curriculum work.” Principal: canceled 3 scheduled meetings. Students wanted to help, but were tied up with sports. Other librarians in the community had no time to meet. School Committee was busy working on a financial crisis and policy issues.


You can create an impressive committee of stakeholders, but….. Don’t expect anyone to help you with the work!

The School Council: 

The School Council An already existing committee Three parents Three teachers Three students Principal Three community members Willing to review drafts and offer comments


Parents Students Teachers Librarian Community Members Principal What Committee already meets regularly for school planning? The Greenfield High School /School Council

How I Created a Vision: 

How I Created a Vision Professional reading Ideas from the School Council Teacher input Principal conversations Student clues

GHS Library Vision: 

GHS Library Vision The Greenfield High School Library Media Center is an Information Commons, a dynamic gateway for active independent learning where students connect to resources at GHS and throughout the world. We are a functional environment rich with resources—friendly, functional for research and exploration, comfortable for reading, a workplace for electronic learning and production, one-on-one staff assistance, and staff professional development.

GHS Library Mission: 

GHS Library Mission The mission of the Greenfield High School Library Media Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. The library media center provides physical and intellectual access through a wide variety of instructional services and print, non-print and online resources in an open supportive atmosphere. The library media center functions as an extension of the classroom, by supporting the school curriculum and the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks, and creating a foundation for independent learning and lifelong reading. The library media center will work toward meeting the Massachusetts School Library Media Program Standards for 21st Century Learning:

Massachusetts School Library Media Standards 2003: 

Massachusetts School Library Media Standards 2003


Teaching There is a structured, spiraling teaching of information literacy skills, within inquiry-based curriculum lessons, to ensure that all students know and are able to meet PreK-12 information literacy outcomes. Learning Students are discriminating researchers, habitual readers, and competent, ethical users of ideas and information to construct knowledge. Resources The school library provides a systematically organized, readily accessible collection of resources sufficient to meet teaching and learning goals. The materials are collaboratively selected and regularly evaluated for currency, balance, adequacy, and relevance to ensure that they remain consistent with the school's mission and expectations for student learning. Facilities The school library is an inviting, learning-conducive area for reading, research, and teaching activities. The safe, barrier-free space is designed to facilitate active, inquiry-based learning and serve as an integral part of every student's educational experience. Management/Leadership A DOE licensed library teacher effectively manages and leads a program that supports and furthers the school's mission, goals, and expectations for student learning. Administrative Support Educational administrators maximize the library media program's potential to positively impact student achievement and school quality.


GREENFIELD HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY GOALS for 2005-2010 Management/Leadership and Administrative Support To provide effective collaborative leadership in the management of the library program to support the school’s mission, goals and expectations for student learning and to maximize the library’s potential to positively impact student achievement and school quality. Resources and Facilities. To provide students and teachers at Greenfield High School with an inviting and comfortable library media facility with a rich environment of up-to-date print, non-print and online learning materials and equipment that meet their needs for reading, research, and presentation. Teaching and Learning To provide opportunities for students and teachers to become discriminating researchers, habitual readers, and competent, ethical users of ideas and information by teaching a curriculum integrated sequence of library information literacy skills, personalized assistance from library personnel, and web page access to recommended resources.

Assessment and Data Gathering: 

Assessment and Data Gathering Inventories of Equipment, Materials Titlewise analysis of materials NEASC questionnaire and self study Circulation statistics, class visits. MSLMA Model School Library rubric Assessment of condition of the library and furnishings.

Greenfield High School Library 2007: 

Greenfield High School Library 2007 The School Council has helped raise more than $3000 for new books. A beautiful loveseat and chair were donated. A teacher proctors the library each period. I was awarded a $5000 LSTA grant to promote independent fiction reading. Students now use Ipods in the library!!!

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