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New York Energy $martsm Forum Commercial and Industrial Programs March , 2006: 

New York Energy $martsm Forum Commercial and Industrial Programs March , 2006

NYSERDA’s Role: 

NYSERDA’s Role Administrator Design and Implement Programs Support Regulators State Purchasing Standards/Appliance Standards State Energy Code Green Building Tax Credit Renewable Portfolio Standard Facilitator ESCO’s $125 Million tax exempt leasing Policy Maker Executive Order Innovator Infrastructure Development Randamp;D Technologies

New York State Policy Environment: 

New York State Policy Environment New York Energy $martsm Program By Regulatory Order of the NYS Public Service Commission NYSERDA as the system-wide, non-utility administrator 8-year program (thru June 2006); Budget of $962 million Public purpose goals of energy efficiency and cleaner environment December 2005 PSC Order; Renewal for additional $900 million to 2011

SBC Energy Efficiency: 

SBC Energy Efficiency Transform Markets for EE Products - Overcome barriers/lasting change - Capture lost opportunities - Coordinate with regional/national efforts - 'Upstream' initiatives Foster Energy Services Industry - Customers not typically served - Aversions to risk and lack of $ - Establish a vigorous industry Inform Small Customers of Options - Helping obtain services - Broader energy awareness Target Peak Demand and Capacity - Constraint Situations - Summer peak reductions

New York Energy $martsm Budget (~$175 m/yr): 

New York Energy $martsm Budget (~$175 m/yr)

New York Energy $martsm Benefits “Small Charge, Big Change”: 

New York Energy $martsm Benefits 'Small Charge, Big Change' Saving money, energy, jobs and the environment In last 6 ½ years of NY Energy $mart: $198 m in annual energy savings realized 4200 jobs retained and created $2.50 leverage for every program $1 1400 GWh/yr saved = 230,000 households 860 MW of demand reduced Annual emission reductions 1280 tons of NOx 1 m tons of CO2 = 200,00 fewer cars


Assistance Provided to Market Players by NYSERDA

Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency and Load Management: 

Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency and Load Management New Construction/Green Buildings Commercial/Industrial Performance Program Smart Equipment Choices FlexTech/Technical Assistance Loan Fund Peak Load Management Program Business Partners

New Construction Program: 

New Construction Program Objective: Transform the way buildings are designed and built Services: Both new construction and substantial renovations Financial incentives to offset added costs associated with more energy-efficient equipment and systems Technical assistance Commissioning


New Construction Program Impacting 11% of all new commercial construction in NYS 1,200 projects, over 120 million square fee of floor space Average savings 20-25% over Energy Code 200 'green' projects Cost effective, benefits to cost ratio as high as 10/1 High 'spillover' impacts on other projects


NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Headquarters Energy Features High performance glazing Reduced lighting power densities High-efficiency chillers Variable speed fans and pumps Building commissioning Green Features Urban redevelopment Certified wood CO2 monitoring High recycled content materials Low-emitting materials

Commercial/Industrial Performance Program: 

Commercial/Industrial Performance Program Objective: Build a Robust ESCO Industry Provides incentives to contractors that deliver verifiable electric energy savings Standard Performance Contract is between NYSERDA and contractor Contractor - Energy Service Company or ESCO


Current Status of C/I Performance Program (As of 02/2006) 990 Projects with more than $105 million in total incentives Annual savings of 910 million kWh and 190 MW total peak demand reduction Incentives averaging 18% of project cost Total cost of projects exceeds $575 million 180 different ESCOs participating Installation complete on 700 projects delivering 140 MW of peak demand reduction

Commercial/Industrial Performance ProgramDollars Awarded by Measure$105 Million: 

Commercial/Industrial Performance Program Dollars Awarded by Measure $105 Million Motors/VSDs/EMS/ Refrigeration 33%

$mart Equipment Choices: 

$mart Equipment Choices PON 968 offers incentives for: Lighting and Controls, Motors, VSD’s, HVAC, Economizers, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Helps cover cost of capital replacement Applicant may be owner or tenant Similar to rebate programs, cash-back upon install Capped at $10,000/applicant for Electric Measures.

$mart Equipment Choices - Examples : 

$mart Equipment Choices - Examples Village of Endicott Received $10,000 for installing VSD’s on their primary intake pumps at the WWTP NYS United Teachers Received $25,000 for installing high efficiency HVAC, drives, and lighting saving over $14,000 annually.


FlexTech Feasibility Studies Energy Operations Management Energy Procurement Retrocommissioning CHP Renewables Load Curtailment Objective: Establish network of Technical Assistance providers


FlexTech Over 3,000 Businesses and Institutions served Over 270 TA providers Stretches valuable public funds 1 kwh saved = $0.003 public funds spent Leverages economic development Leveraging $17 for each $1 SBC invested CHP, Industry, Water, Ag program components

New York Energy $martSM Loan Fund: 

New York Energy $martSM Loan Fund Objective: to facilitate energy-efficiency improvements through reduced-interest financing. to enlist lenders as promoters of energy-efficiency projects. Eligible measures include building envelope measures, process improvements, and measures not covered by other New York Energy $martSM Programs Number of Participating Lenders: 70 Includes statewide lenders such as HSBC, Mandamp;T, 1st Niagara, Citizens Bank

New York Energy $martSM Loan Fund: 

New York Energy $martSM Loan Fund Total of 2066 loans closed to date

New York Energy $martSM Loan Fund: 

New York Energy $martSM Loan Fund $15 million in interest reduction payments to lenders has leveraged $113 million in loan activity

Coordinated Peak Demand Reduction: 

Coordinated Peak Demand Reduction Program Objectives Drive the market for energy-efficient products and services Control and reduce loads on specific NY electric utility systems Accelerate the replacement of old, inefficient products Enable customers to participate in NYISO or TO’s emergency programs Educate public on energy efficiency and to shift consumption to off-peak periods


Peak Load Reduction Program Permanent Demand Reduction (up to $225/KW Short Duration Load Curtailment (up to $45/KW) Interval meters (up to $2,000)

Energy Smart Schools Program: 

Energy Smart Schools Program Over $32 Million in Direct Incentives in Over 1,000 K-12 School Building Projects Over 30 Million Square Feet Benchmarked and Two National ENERGY STAR Awards Over 15% of student population 50 PV Demonstration Projects Over 2,200 Buses Converted to Other Fuels or Reduced Emissions Innovative Education Programs Expansive Training

Business Partners: 

Business Partners Targets vendors, contractors, distributors, energy service providers Encourage midstream market to stock and sell EE products and provide EE services to their customers Provide training, materials, sales tools, standard protocols, and recognition Quality lighting installations, HVAC performance, RCx, motor management


CONTACT NYSERDA Regional offices in Buffalo and New York City Main Albany Offices 17 Columbia Circle 518-862-1090

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