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Welcome to the University of Bridgeport Graduate School of Education and Human Resources

History of the University : 

History of the University Founded in 1927  Junior College of CT Chartered 1947  University of Bridgeport First Master’s degree  1951 Doctoral Program  1979 Carlson Hall, University of Bridgeport

The University and the Community: 

Beautiful campus overlooking Long Island Sound Chartered as a secular institution 31 undergraduate programs 19 graduate programs 380 full-time and part-time faculty International University Students come from 44 states and 81 countries The University and the Community

School of Education Conceptual Framework: 

PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED AND PASSIONATE EDUCATORS Knowledgeable in subject matter content Skillful in creating meaningful learning environments Responsive to the developmental needs of a diverse student population School of Education Conceptual Framework

Increasing Student Population: 

Increasing Student Population Enrollments Current (52.7 million) Next 10 years (58.3 million) Teacher shortage 10 million new teachers in next ten years

Teaching Today: 

Teaching Today Good job prospects across country Shortage Areas Interstate Compact




Handouts Graduate School Application Internship Application Teacher Certification Application Registration Card

Graduate School Admission: 

Graduate School Admission Complete graduate school application Undergraduate GPA minimum of 2.67 Provide two letters of recommendation Potential as a teacher Potential for academic success Provide all official transcripts Passing scores for all three parts of Praxis I or letter of waiver from the examination



The Internship Program: 

The Internship Program Started in 1981 Over 65 participating school districts Connecticut and Putnam/Westchester Counties in New York Approx. 250 interns

Program Highlights: 

Program Highlights Full time Internship  180 days Assignments Short term subbing Tutoring small groups Teacher aide/assistant Receive a Master’s degree


Features What it Means to You

Intern Support System: 

Intern Support System Field Experience Director/Certification Officer Internship program staff Field supervisors Academic advisor School staff Other interns

Teacher Education Program Internships: 

Teacher Education Program Internships Teacher Certification/ Master’s Master’s only Sixth Year Certificate Certification as Reading and LA Consultant Certification as Remedial Reading and LA Teacher


Classes Bridgeport or Stamford or Waterbury Weekend Computer Sessions Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 4:00-6:00 pm 6:10-8:10 pm Meet once weekly in Summer (May, June) 4 hours per session Half as many weeks


Schedule Start Spring 2008 --- Complete degree Fall ‘08 --- Student teach Spring ‘09 --- Certification May ‘09 Start Fall 2008 --- Complete degree Summer ’09 --- Student teach Fall ‘09 --- Certification Dec ’09 Application Procedures Step1 Application to graduate school Step2 Application to internship Step3 Application to certification program Application Procedures Step1 Application to graduate school Step2 Application to internship Step3 Application to certification program

Teacher Certification Admission Process: 

Teacher Certification Admission Process Teacher Certification Application Bachelor’s Degree Elementary Education: degree in appropriate field Middle School 24 credits in subject you want to teach 15 credits in an additional area Secondary Education Major in subject want to teach or 30 credits in subject want to teach 9 credits in a related field

Teacher Certification Admission Process (cont’d): 

Teacher Certification Admission Process (cont’d) B- (2.67) minimum GPA Praxis I or waiver Essay demonstrating command of English language Reason for choosing teaching career Experiences working with young people Two letters of recommendation

UB Certification Areas: 

UB Certification Areas Elementary  grades K-6 Middle levels  grades 4-8 (English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies) Secondary  grades 7-12 (Biology, Business,Chemistry, Earth Science, English, General Science, History & Social Studies, Mathematics, Physics) Music - grades K - 12 Reading/LA Consultant/Remedial Reading & LA Teacher


GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS English Mathematics (Elementary certification students must have pre-calc or higher) Science Social Science Foreign Language or Fine Arts United States History

Connecticut State Test: 

Connecticut State Test Praxis I-Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) Pencil and Paper Test Reading  passing score 172 Writing  passing score 171 Math  passing score 171 Computer Option available six days per week by appointment at ProMetrics or Sylvan Learning Centers. Paper and pencil testing available. (Refer to schedule.)

Praxis I Waiver: 

Praxis I Waiver SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) On or prior to March 31, 1995. Combined Verbal and Math Score 1000 or higher but No score lower than 400 On or after April 1, 1995. Combined Verbal and Math Score 1100 or higher but No score lower than 450 ACT (American College Testing) On or prior to October 1989. No less than 20 in English/17 in Math. On or after October1989 No less than 22 in English/19 in Math GRE (Graduate Record Exam) On or prior to October 1, 2002 Combined minimum score of 1000 (verbal and quantitative), with no score less than 500 (quantitative) and 450 (verbal). On or after October 1, 2002 Same as above, PLUS a minimum analytic writing score of 4.5.

Please Note: 

Please Note The Information Presented Today Is Subject To Change

Questions and Comments: 

Questions and Comments University of Bridgeport Graduate School of Education and Human Resources

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