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C O O K E B O O K E Clintonia Cow Goat and Hen Desserts Can Contribute to Health COOKIE SHINES Fillings and Toppings Grain Bin Huitzilopochtlis recipes Breads and the Like MAKE SAUCES AND DRESSINGS Pic - Nic...Church Supper Roadside Diner . . . Open All Night Salads and Such Soups and Stews are Fun to Make . . . Vegetables Vegan Land

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C L I N T O N I A Why Be Sneaky The very first thing you do when you get your hands on this book is— read it in private. Then put a plain jacket on it—preferably washable—and HIDE it carefully. Don’t let the children get even a peek at it or the jig is up. I am about to share with you some top-secret pointers on how to give your family more zip zest and zingo—when they’re not looking. But why be sneaky about it Why the James Bond 007 intrigue Why not straight from the shelf and into the pot Why I’ll tell you why. Because at certain stages of their growth and development like from toddlers through teens and right up to the coronary stage anything that smacks of “health” is considered square for the birds or when they get sophisticated “faddist.” Sneaky cookery is the art of incorporating into every dish the food values the vitamins and minerals and enzymes which would have been there in the first place if the food had not been processed devitalized and loaded with additives and thus stripped of much of its nutritive value. Kwik Chili 1: 1 c tomato juice 1/2 c bulgur 2: 2 T olive oil 3-5 garlic 3: 1 t cumin

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1 t oregano 4: some jarred chili peppers + some juice 1 can chili beans 1 lb. can tomatoes salt optional: chick peas black olives onion celery zucchini hominy tomato paste red sauce beer mushrooms Bean - Beer Chili tomatoes kidney beans chick peas pinto and/or black beans beer chili powder cumin salt parsley Simmer topless. Natalies Hummus 2 c cooked chick peas 3-4 garlic 1 t salt juice 1 lemon 3/4 c tahini dash pepper Hummus to me is about texture. Optional: o.o. chick pea broth Fat-Burning Lentil Salad 1 lb. lentils 3 whole garlic 2 chili pepper 4 T o.o. 1 t salt 6 T cider vinegar 1/2 c onion black pepper

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Kale and Kraut kale leaves lightly steamed sauerkraut tahini Dijon mustard bread Miso Spread Brown 1/2 c onions in oil. Add 1/2 c tahini. Cook 4 a few min. add 4 T water followed by 2 T miso add the latter gradually. Heat few min. chill. So-Called Cajun Rice 1: o.o. onion garlic sweet hot peppers mushrooms 2: stewed tomatoes chili powder cajun spice parsley hot sauce 3: rice 2--1: 3. Heat. Cajun Spice So-Called 3 T paprika 2 t onion p. -- pepper -- white pepper -- cayenne 1 t oregano -- thyme 1/2 t celery seed Spanish Rice: oil onions garlic celery 1 t chili powder -- cumin -- salt 1/2 t oregano black cayenne pepper

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1 c + chopped tomatoes 3 c cooked rice grated sharp cheese Add rice last. Top with cheese. 93 Gazette Vegetarian Chili 1: 3 T oil 1 onion + 4 garlic 1/2 lb. mushrooms 2: 2 c cauliflower 1 large potato 1 large green pepper 2 large carrots 3 c maize kernels 28-oz. plum tomatoes + juice--chopped 2 cans kidney beans + broth 1 c tomato juice 1 T cumin 2 T chili powder 1 1/2 t salt 1/8 t cayenne pepper 2 T tomato paste 3 T red wine 1: sauté few min. Add rest bring to boil. Simmer covered occ. stirring until potatoes are tender. Blackberry Sauce 1: 3 c blackberries 4 T brown rice syrup 2:

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1 T kuzu + 1/3 c water cold 3: 2 t lemon juice 1: heat. Stir in 2. Cook until thickened add 3. Willhoubys Apple Crisp 1: 2 T lemon juice 4 T flour 3/4 c brown sugar some cinn. 1/3 c or more water 2: 1 1/2 c quick oats/bread crumbs 1/2 c phlour -- wheat germ some cinn. 1/2 c or more marg. Chop-up some apples and put in baking dish. Add some cranberries if desired. Pour 1 over fruit top with 3. Add some raisins if desired. Also: add if desired brown sugar or syrup to 2. Pottage 1 lb. red or black or pinto beans 8 c water large onion rice garlic salt pepper Soak beans. Put in pot with garlic lots water boiling onion salt pepper. Bring to boil then simmer few hour adding parboiled rice fairly early in the process. TVP Burgers 1: 1 c TVP 4 T kwik oats 1/2 t basil - oregano

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- garlic powder - dried onion 1/4 t parsley powder - mustard powder 2: 3/4 c boiling water 2 T catsup -- soysauce 3: 1 T peanut butter 4: 4 T w.w.f. 1 T nutritional yeast 2 - 1: let sit 5 min. Add 3 4. Mix well: 4 patties. Old School Pasta Sauce o.o. / onion / garlic / peppers / mushrooms tomato puree / tomato paste / diced tomatoes / salsa opt. wine / balsamic vinegar / salt pepper white / sugar fennel / thyme / rosemary / sage / basil / oregano / marjoram / parsley / garlic p. Nut Stuffing 4 T butter -- onion -- celery -- mushrooms 1 t salt 1/2 t thyme 1/4 t poultry seasoning dash cayenne dash garlic powder 2 c bread crumbs 1/2 c chicken broth 3/4 c chopped nuts 1: sauté few min. celery should remain crisp. Stir in rest: bake till lightly browned--30 + min. 350°.

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The Abbots German Potato Salad 1: 1/2 c onion 1 3/4 t oil 2: 2 T flour 1 t celery seed 2 T Sucanat salt 3: 1/2 c wine vinegar 1 c water 4: 6 c cooked sliced potatoes 4 T fake bakon bits Sauté 1 add 2 followed by 3: cook and stir until thickened. Add 4: heat thoroughly stirring carefully. Garnish with parsley pimiento and paprika. Another Version 1: 3/4 c onion 2 T oil 2: 2 T flour 3: 2/3 c cider vinegar 1 1/2 c water 4: 4 T Sucanat 1 t salt pepper 5: 10 T fake bacon bits 6 c cooked peeled sliced potatoes Sauté 1 stir in 2. Add 3. When bubbly and thick add 4. Gently stir in 5. Heat through serve warm. Old-Timey Mush 1: 1 c cornmeal 1 c cold water or milk 2: 2 1/2-3 c boiling water or scalded milk 1 t salt Whisk 2 into 1. Cook 30 + min. in double boiler. Walnut-Lentil Spread 2 c fat-burning lentil salad salt brown mustard some walnuts optional ingredients:

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soysauce Worcestershire onion mayonnaise celery pickles olives pimiento Old Man OBrien oil/marg. bit of sweet pepper small onion bit of garlic 1 T flour 1 c milke salt/cayenne ¾ c Yeast Cheez 4 C cooked chilled diced new potatoes Prepare and place in casserole. Top with bread crumbs dot with marg.: bake. Weils Wedges Halve 3 potatoes cut each half into 4 wedges. Toss with the following: 2 T lemon juice 2 t o.o. 1½ t fresh rosemary 1 t dried ¼ t salt ¼ t pepper Arrange skin-side-down on baking sheet. 45 min. 400°. Lima Bean Salad Steam some green lima beans sauté some onions and red peppers. Combine the above and add some red onions tarragon salt pepper thyme Dijon mustard. Toss with an o.o.-lemon juice vinaigrette. Steppies Fruit Bars 1: 1½ c phlour mostly w.w.p.f. 1½ c kwik oats 4 T sugar ½ t soda ¼ t salt cinn.

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2: ½ c maple syrup few T cold marg. cut-in 3: the filling of ones choice Dilld Cabbage Soup Sauté in some oil: 2 large onions smallish head cabbage 1 t dill seed ½ t dill weed ½ t + caraway salt not a small amount of pepper Add: 2-4 cloves garlic 1 T vinegar Add: 3-4 c water 1½ c tomato juice 2 t soysauce a bit of yeast extract Kitchen Bouquet or something of a similar nature a few potatoes Add lastly: ½ c fresh parsley Purée 2 c along with a few tablespoons of butter and a couple teaspoons of flour. More Chip 1: 2 c w.w.p.f. ½ c oat flour 2/3 c dehydrated cane juice ¾ t soda 2: ¼ c or more prune puree 2 T maple syrup 1 t vanilla ¼ c water 3: ½ c choc. chips ½ c ch. walnuts 10-12 min. 350°. Vegan Custard 1: 3¾ c apple juice 1/3 c agar 2:

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4 T agar 4 T apple juice 3: pinch salt 4 T lemon juice 1 t vanilla 1 t lemon zest 4: 4 T rice syrup 5: kiwi fruit fresh berries bananas etc. 1: Simmer 15 min. Add 2 cook until thickened. Add 3 remove from flame. Add 4. Pour into dish and let cool to room temp. chill 1 + hr. Process garnish with fruit. McWaldorf Salad 1: 1 1/2 c pineapple juice 1/2 t lemon juice 2 T cornstarch 2: 5 c diced red apples 1 c celery 1/2 c walnuts -- raisins 1: cook until thickened chill 2 hrs. then combine with 2. Clintonia Maize Casserole polenta red sauce tomato paste tomatoes Italian seasoning garlic olives cheese Fatfree Oat Biscuits 2 c oat flour 1 t baking p.

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¼ t salt 1 c evaporated skim milk 4 T yogurt Fold wet into dry. 12-15 min. 425°. Cheez Spread 1½ c cooked great northerns ½ c pimiento pieces 6 T nutritional yeast 3 T lemon juice -- tahini ½ t onion p. -- yellow mustard -- salt Process chill. White Sauce Add 1 c cashew milk to the above heat. Hoppin Janeane fake meat onions green peppers black-eyed peas rice hot sauce etc. Bean Burgers 2 c cooked beans pureed 1 onion 1 garlic 1 celery 1 carrot ½ c wheat germ 1/3 c TVP soaked in 2/3 c broth 3 T nutritional yeast 3 T oil ½ t salt ½ t dill seed 1 sprig fresh dill

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½ c cooked rice Fry or broil. Greek Beans Soak 1 lb. white beans overnight. Sauté in olive oil: 1 onion + 8 garlic Place in the pot the cooked beans the onion garlic and: 5 c water 1 bay leaf 1 t oregano 2 T tomato paste some basil in oil Simmer until beans are tender. Remove from heat and add: salt pepper juice 1 lemon ½ c parsley ½ red onion Garnish with Greek olives. Optionally add some diced tomatoes. Kazakhstan Kasha Sauté: 1 T oil 6-oz. mushrooms salt + pepper Add: 4 green onions Sauté 30 min. transfer to bowl. Add to empty skillet: 1 T oil 1 c kasha Sauté 1 min. add: 1¾ c hot vegetable broth ¼ c hot water salt + pepper ½ t tarragon Bring to boil cook stir until all liquid is absorbed. Stir in mushrooms. Serve hot. Tabbouleh ½ c bulgur 1½ c parsley 5 scallions 3 sprigs mint 1 garlic

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1 T o.o. juice 1 lemon salt pepper 3 tomatoes Rinse bulgur. Place sieve in bowl cover with boiling water let sit 20 min. then drain and press. Mix with rest. Old Hags Hash Sauté some onions and garlic in oil add a bit of soysauce. Add some carrots potatoes and water. Add some mushrooms sweet peppers zucchini and parsley. Add some salt pepper turmeric and thyme. Cook in an old-fashioned iron skillet. Alyssas Burgers Sauté: 1 T o.o. ½ c green onions 1½ T garlic 1 T white wine Combine with: 3 c pinto beans partially mashd ¾ c cracker meal 2T oil ½ c parsley 2 T seasoned rice vinegar ½ t Italian seasoning Drop by ½-cupful onto parchment-lined baking sheet. Flatten gently. Bake 25 + min. 350°. Giobbis Bruschetta Toast some slices of Italian bread. Rub one side with garlic then drizzle on some o.o. add thin slices of tomato then season with salt pepper. Return to broiler to heat close to the flame for about one minute. Italian Peasant Feast Brown squares of stale bread in o.o. add strips of peppers cook a few minutes. Add some fresh tomatoes and stew until peppers are tender season as desired.

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Tofu Whipped Kreeme ½ lb. soft tofu well-drained 2 T oil -- water -- syrup -- lemon juice 1 t vanilla dash salt Process. Chill. Eggplant Sandwich Sauté in o.o.: 1 eggplant Add: onion garlic 16-oz. diced tomatoes ½ t red pepper flakes -- salt pepper some Italian seasoning Simmer until most of the liquid has been blown off. Stir in come cooked rice and serve on or in pita or Italian bread. Variation: omit rice and add a splash of red wine serve over pasta. Authentic Falafel 1 c cooked chick-peas processed 1 c pre-soaked bulgur 2 garlic 2-3 slices whole-grain bread soaked in water pressed dry 2 T lemon juice 1 egg 1 T cilantro 2 T parsley 1 t cumin ½ t paprika 1/8 t cayenne salt pepper 1 t baking powder Process in food processor. Chill overnight. Form into walnut-sized things: fry.

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Chocolate Muffins Purée 1 can pears measure out 1½ cup. Add: 2 egg whites ½ c brown sugar 1 t vanilla Add: 1 c w.w.f. 1 c oat flour 6 T cocoa 1 T bak. p. Fill muffin tins and add the following topping: 6 T kwik oats 1 T cocoa 1 T brown sugar 1 T honey Bake 350°. Legacy Pedro Salad brown rice beans--at least two types hot sweet peppers onions garlic carrots maize black olives broccoli chives or scallions salt pepper garlic powder basil olive oil red wine vinegar balsamic vin. Crisp Topping 2/3 c kwik oats 2/3 c rolled oats ½ c w.w.f. scant ¼ c oat flour ½ t cinn. 2 T honey ¼ c orange juice or 2 T butter + 2 T apple or orange juice concentrate

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½ t vanilla Crisp Topping 2 c rolled oats 1 c w.w.f. 4 T apple juice concentrate 4 T butter cinn. nutmeg Kraut Slaw 2 lb. jar sauerkraut ½ med. red cabbage onion 2 celeries some sweet bell peppers 1 c sugar ½ c oil 1/3 c white vinegar ¼ c water 1 t salt celery mustard seeds + some caraway Lappés Roman Rice and Beans Sauté in oil olive is good: 2 garlic 1 large onion 1 large carrot chopped 1 green pepper 2/3 c parsley chopped 2 t basil 1 t oregano Add: 2-3 large tomatoes coarsely chopped 2 t salt pepper 2 c cooked dried beans Add: 5 c cooked brown rice ½ c or more Parmesan cheese Garnish with more parsley and Parmesan. Serve with a green salad and Italian bread. Old Hash

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Dice 2 potatoes steam drain and set aside. Sauté 1 onion and 2 bell peppers 1 green and 1 red. Add 1 c corn kernels. After the corn is heated add the potatoes and: 1 t poultry seasoning salt pepper ¼ c parsley a bit of chili pepper if desired Brown in skillet. Fruit Syrup 3 c fresh fruit apricots blueberries cherries papaya peaches plums pineapple strawberries raspberries etc. ¾ c Sucanat 1 t Fruit Fresh Process. Peach Crisp Whisk: ½ c brown sugar 1 T cornstarch ½ c applesauce ¼ t cinn. Stir in: 3 lb. fresh peaches When peaches are well-coated put in baking dish. Sprinkle on top of that ¾ c graham cracker crumbs and ½ c grape nuts. Bake covered 20 min. 350° topless another 20 min. Sallycharetteaecz5sccmvs.oacs Fruit Dessert Make appear: Asiatic pears strawberries raspberries oranges Toss very delicately. Pour the following over the above: 1 shot brandy or Grand Marnier 2 T honey some nutmeg Any fruits should do too.

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93 Ratatouille Sauté over medium flame in 4 T o.o. ½ dices of: 2 celery stalks 2 green peppers 1 large red pepper 4 med. zucchini 2 red onions Presoak 2 c diced eggplant in 1 c milk for 1 hour strain. Add eggplant to the above along with: 1 28-oz. can of plum tomatoes Season with: 1½ t basil 1 t oregano 2 t minced garlic 2 T tomato paste ½ t salt -- sugar 1 t coarse peppercorn Simmer for 10 min. then strain reduce liquid by half. Place all of the above in casserole. Bake topless 30 min. 350°. Sprinkle on some Parmesan return to oven for 15 more min. Serve 8 with fettuccine. Gingersnaps 6 T maple syrup 2 T molasses 4 T oil 1½ c w.w.f. ½ t baking p. -- soda ¼ t salt 1 t ginger Drop by tablespoon 1 inch apart. 12-15 min. 350° edges should be firm. Ginger Bread Boil 2 min. ½ c raisins ½ c dates 1¾ c water ¾ c sugar 1 t ginger

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2 t cinn. ¾ t nutmeg ¼ t cloves ½ t salt Let cool. Stir in: 2 c w.w.p.f. 1 t soda 1 t bak. p. To the 9-inch square pan: bake 30 + min. String Bean Affair o.o. red onion hickory nuts string beans soysauce pepper Walnut-Garlicky Spread 2 c walnuts 2 garlic 7 T o.o. 1/2 t salt Peppermint Brownies Let sit 5 min.: 1/3 c kwik oats ¼ yogurt 2 T water Mix: ½ c flour ¾ c + 2 T sugar 6 T cocoa Add: 3 egg whites 1½ t vanilla Combine all of the above and put in baking dish. Bake 22 min. 325°-- edges should be firm. Heat the following in saucepan for 20 sec.: ½ c confec. sugar 2 t milk 2 drops peppermint extract Drizzle over the above.

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Salatet Fasoolya 1 lb. lima beans - 2 t salt - 2 garlic - juice 2 lemons - 4 T o.o. q1 Cow Goat and Hen Indian-Style Tea One of the pleasures of traveling in India by train is watching the countryside pass by your window while sipping fragrant hot tea. As soon as the train stops at a station vendors rush over to the windows and offer rich spicy tea in unglazed terra cotta cups for a few rupees. Tourists soon become accustomed to the phrase “chai garam chai” tea hot tea at all hours of the day. Throughout India tea is served late in the afternoon...

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1 cup water 4 teaspoons Indian black tea 3 cups milk--not skim ½ teaspoon ground cardamom -- cinnamon one ¼-inch-thick piece peeled gingerroot sugar or other sweetener of choice Bring water and tea to a boil. Lower the heat and cook uncovered until the water takes on a deep amber color a few minutes. Add milk cardamom cinnamon and gingerroot. Cook uncovered until the mixture comes to a boil. Strain into cups. Sweeten to taste. Mocha Chocolate Sauce Melt in the double boiler: 5-oz. bakers chocolate broken into pieces Remove from flame and slowly stir in: 2/3 c strong coffee ½ c sugar When entity is silky and smooth stir in: 2/3 c cream Chill. Serve hot. Coconut-Custard Sauce Process 3 minutes: 1¼ c warm milk 1/3 c coconut 3 egg yolks 3 T sugar dash salt Into the double boiler. Cook until mixture coats back of spoon stirring constantly. Chill serve with fresh fruit or plain cake. New Zealand Diabetes Association Whipped Topping Chill bowl and beaters. Beat ½ cup ice water and ½ cup nonfat dry milk until soft peaks form. Add 1 T lemon juice and sweeten to taste. Continue to beat until stiff. Coconut Macaroons 1: 2 whites 1/8 t tartar pinch salt 2: ½ c ‘sugar’

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3: ½ t vanilla 1 c unsweetened coconut Beat 1 stiff. Beat in 2 fold in 3. Drop by teaspoon. 50 min. 275°. Nut roons Make as above except: brown sugar for the white ½ c chopped nuts for the coconut. Spanish Cream 1: 1 pkg. vegan gelatin 2 T sugar 1/8 t salt 2: 2 egg yolks 2 c milk 3: 1 t vanilla 4: 2 egg whites 4 T sugar 1: into the double-boiler. Beat 2 add to 1. Cook 5 min. or until gelatin dissolves. Remove from heat add 3. Beat whites stiff gradually adding sugar. Fold into the above. Pour into serving dish and chill. Will separate into 2 layers. Top with whipped cream. Kwik Pasta Toss hot pasta with olive oil salt pepper red pepper flakes garlic freshly-grated Parmesan and fresh parsley. Feta Dressing 4-oz. feta cheese 3 T yogurt 2 T lemon juice 1 T honey 1 T olive oil 1 garlic Process. Greek and Italian Pizza 2 T o.o. 3 c sweet pepper strips 1 c onion rings 3 crushd garlic

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salt 1½ t Italian seasoning Combine. Spoon onto 12-inch focaccia. Top with 4-oz. feta cheese. 12 min. 450°. Ratatouille Plus Spoon leftover ratatouille into ramekins. Top with a poached egg cover with shredded Gruyère Swiss cheese. Broil just long enough to melt cheese. Portuguese Omelette Beat 4 eggs. Add: ½ c cooked spinach -- tomato sauce 2 T pimiento 1 onion salt pepper Pour onto hot skillet. Cook until set turning once. Egg On Toast Arrange on top of slices of whole wheat or rye bread: some olive paste some minced hard eggs black pepper and fresh parsley. Broil. Mozzarella Toast On a slice of sturdy bread put: sliced Mozzarella red onion pepper olive paste olive oil and some fresh parsley. Broil. Lentil and Goat Sauté some onions and a bit of garlic in butter. Mix with cooked lentils red sauce feta cheese place in casserole and top with some buttered bread crumbs bake. Krisps Process 1 c of walnuts. Add 1 T wheat germ + 1 t cornmeal pulse a few times. Beat an egg white by hand until foamy. Add the above + ½ c finely-grated Parmesan add a pinch of salt and beat with a fork. Drop by tablespoon and press. 10 min. 375°.

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Cheese Sauce Heat 1 c milk. Slowly add 1½ c grated Cheddar or Swiss cheese + 2 T w.w.p.f. Add a pinch of salt tarragon and cayenne + 1 t brown mustard. Sweetened Condensed Milk Heat until steaming: ½ c cold water 1 1/3 c dry milk Add: ¾ c sugar 1 t vanilla Heat and stir until sugar is dissolved chill. Peasants Thanksgiving Cook 1½ c great northern or navy beans rinse well. Combine with fresh oregano 4-oz. Mozzarella cut into cubes 1 tomato ¼ c red onion 2 T olive oil and 1 T balsamic vinegar season chill. Top with fresh basil. A Greek Salad Cook and refresh: 9-oz. shells or rotini Combine with: 2 tomatoes cut into wedges 1 cucumber 1 c green pepper cut into strips 12 Greek olives 1½ c crumbled feta cheese 8 radishes 4 scallions 2 T parsley Add: ½ c o.o. ½ t salt pepper ¼ t oregano 1 garlic crushd Toss gently.

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Tomato-Free Tomato Dish Heat some o.o. add a whole garlic when garlic is coloured discard. Add oil to 1 c mincd oil-cured olives + 4 T fresh basil toss. Add 4 T grated Pecorino Asiago or Parmesan toss some more. Add to hot pasta toss. Cheese Dip Process: 8-oz. cottage cheese 1/8 t onion salt 1/8 t garlic salt 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce Add thru hole: 2½-oz. blue cheese Chill. Another Cheese Dip 8-oz. cottage cheese ½ t Worcestershire 1 t Dijon 1 T mayonnaise 1 slice onion 1 c Swiss cheese cubes Prepare as above. Slaw Dressing 1½ c mayonnaise 6 T vinegar 6 T light cream 6 T sugar 1 t salt pepper Custard Sauce Place in double-boiler beat: 4 yolks ¼ c sugar pinch salt Water in the bottom should be hot but not boiling. After beating for

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two minutes gradually whisk in: 2 c milk brought to boiling point When sauce is thick and smooth whisk in 1 t vanilla or 1 T brandy. Chill serve over berries etc. Julia Childs Proper Whipped Cream Chilled whipping cream beaten at a leisurely pace of two strokes per second with a chilled wire whip in a chilled bowl will easily mount in two to three minutes. If you cannot bear the thought of not using your electric beater circulate it by hand starting at a slow speed and gradually increasing it to moderate while lifting as much air as possible into the cream. Fold in sugar or flavoring: 2 T sifted confec. sugar per cup of cream 1-2 t vanilla 1-2 T rum brandy or sweet liqueur. French White Sauce Melt 2 T butter. Blend in: 3 T flour Cook stir to form a white roux. Remove from heat when roux has stopped bubbling add 2 c milk: whisk vigorously over moderately high heat until sauce comes to a boil. After boiling 1 min. remove from heat beat in ¼ t salt + some pepper. To prevent skin from forming top with a thin film of milk or melted butter. English White Sauce Slowly heat: 2 c milk ¼ small onion 1 bay leaf 5 peppercorns bruised 4 parsley branches Make a roux out of 1 T flour and 1 T butter stir over medium flame 1 minute. Whisk in milk + a pinch of salt. Set sauce over very low heat cooking for ±25 min. occ. stirring. Season with more salt and a tiny pinch nutmeg if desired strain. Sauce Mornay Bring to boil: 2 c French White Sauce Remove from heat and beat in:

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½ c grated Swiss cheese or half Swiss and half Parmesan. Season with salt pepper and a pinch of cayenne. Add 1 T butter if desired. Sauce Mornay II Heat: 2 c white sauce Whisk in one at a time: 3 egg yolks Gently fold in: ½ c grated Swiss cheese Serve over cauliflower and the like. Haricots Verts Gratinés à la Mornay Cook refresh and dry 1½ lbs. green beans. Spread ½ c Sauce Mornay in a casserole add the beans + some salt pepper. Pour on 1 c more Sauce Mornay sprinkle on ¼ c Swiss cheese + a few bits of butter. Bake 375° until heated through and slightly browned. Chocolate Meringues Beat 2 egg whites to soft peaks. Beat in ½ c sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks are arrived at. Fold in ½-oz. bakers chocolate melted ½ T cocoa and ½ t vanilla. Drop onto a baking sheet dusted with cocoa. 40 min. 300°. Moist Chewy Chock-Full of Coconut Beat for 30 sec. until fluffy: ½ c egg whites Stir in: 1¼ c sugar ¼ t salt ½ t vanilla Blend in: 2½ c moist shredded coconut Drop by rounded teaspoon. 18 min. 325°. Variation: add 2-oz. melted bakers chocolate Variation 2: add ½ c chopped candied cherries Variation 3: 1 c coconut + 2 c wheaties Bavarian Fruit Whip

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Whip: 1 c whipping cream Add: 1 T honey 1 t vanilla Add: 1 c mixed fresh or frozen fruit berries bananas pineapple cherries peaches etc. + 1/3 c nuts Stir well chill. Serve in glasses garnish with candied cherries and green citron slices. Gnocchi alla Grannese Pound to a paste: 1 c gr. walnuts 1 garlic some salt Add: 1 lb. Ricotta 1 c Parmesan Toss with noodles. Lentil-Feta Salad 3 c cooked lentils ¼ c red onions 1 c parsley 1 large garlic 1 t cayenne juice 1 lemon 4 T o.o. 1 c crumbled feta cheese Aristotles Pâté 1 c or more cooked old-world dried beans o.o. onion and/or garlic parsley fresh basil salt pepper lemon juice or white wine vinegar dried hot or sweet peppers chives goat cheese Process. Stir in chives.

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Eggplant and Egg pulp from 2 eggplants 6 eggs well-beaten 1 c bread crumbs salt pepper Form into patties. Fry in shallow fat. Brown each side well. Greek Pasta Salad Cook and refresh 3 c rotini or shells. Combine with: 2 tomatoes cut into wedges 1 cucumber 1 c green pepper cut into strips 12 Greek olives 1½ c crumbled Feta cheese 8 radishes 4 green onions 2 T parsley Add: ½ c o.o. ½ t salt pepper ¼ t oregano 1 garlic crushed juice 1 lemon or ¼ c white wine vinegar Toss gently and serve. Arianas Salad Place in bowl: fresh seeded tomato green pepper seeded cucumber sweet onion rings bit of garlic fresh dill fresh parsley lots Toss. Drizzle on a red-wine vinegar-o.o. dressing. Toss top with crumbled goat cheese. Mock Whipped Cream

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Chill a can of non-fat evaporated milk freeze stainless-steel bowl and the beaters. Put milk into bowl and add 1 t vanilla + 1 t brandy. Beat at high speed until peaks form. Roquefort Dressing ½ c lemon juice ½ t salt -- sugar -- paprika 1 c o.o. ¼ lb. Roquefort 2--1: beat until smooth. 70s Rice Bake 2 c cooked brown rice 3 c scalded milk 2 eggs salt pepper paprika 2 c cheddar Mix. Into the shallow baking dish. Bake 325°. Cheese Sauce Heat: 1 c nonfat milk Stir together: 1½ c grated Swiss cheddar or Jarlsberg 2 T w.w.f. Gradually add the above to the hot milk. Cook and stir until the cheese has melted. Stir in: pinch salt 1 t Dijon mustard pinch tarragon pinch cayenne Serve over veggies grains burgers anti-meat loaf and the like. Variation: add sauteéd mushrooms to the hot milk. Avocado Ice Cream

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Peel and chunk: 1 very large ripe avocado Puree with: ¼ c lime juice + some zest 5 T sugar Whip ¾ c heavy cream until thickened gradually beat in avocado and lime. To the ice cream maker it goes. Chocolate Kisses Beat to soft peaks: 1 egg white few grains salt Gradually beat in: ¼ c sugar When white is very stiff and shiny fold in: ¼ t vanilla 1 t cocoa ½ T chocolate syrup Drop by teaspoon onto baking sheet. Bake 30 min. 300°. The Properly Poached Egg Fill skillet 2/3-full of water ¼ teaspoon of vinegar for each egg. Bring to simmer. Break each egg onto saucer and slide gently into water. Spoon simmering water onto eggs every 2 minutes until eggs are set. Another Egg Pâté eggs oil/marg. mayonnaise vinegar yellow mustard Worcestershire onion salt pepper dill/fennel tarragon parsley paprika "BUTTERMILK" A NUTRITIONIST once observed "is misnamed. It should really be called un-buttermilk." The tart often thickened liquid with the rich-sounding name is the residue left over from churning butter

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cream with most of the butterfat removed. Buttermilk is nutritious high in protein low in saturated fat has only about half the calories of whole milk and best of all is a boon to bakers. Quite an impressive resumé for a food once used mostly for feeding pigs - Old Farmers Almanac Pecan Nougats Grind: 3 c pecans Mix with 1½ c sugar. Add to: 3 egg whites beaten stiff Roll into small balls. 15 min. 400°. Valnöts Tarts Beat 6 egg yolks. Beat in: 1¼ c sugar Fold in: 3½ c ground walnuts 1 T sic almond extract Beat 6 egg whites stiff fold carefully into the above. Into the 9x9 pan. Bake 1 hour 325°. Coconut Roons Beat stiff: 2 whites 1/8 t cream o tartar pinch salt Beat in: ½ c sugar Fold in: ½ t vanilla 1 c unsweetened coconut Drop by teaspoon form peaks. 50 min. 275°. Nut Roons Make as above except: brown sugar instead of white ½ c chopped nuts instead of the coconut. French Roons Grind:

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¾ c almonds 6 T sugar Mix with: ¾ c sugar Work in 1 a time: 2 egg whites Add: dash vanilla Put in pastry bag squeeze out 15 + roons. Moisten tops with wet finger and sprinkle with sugar. 20 min. 325°. Italian Meringues Beat to soft peaks: 2 whites ¼ t cream of tartar Beat in 4 T sugar. Beat in: 6 T sugar 2½ t cornstarch 1/8 t salt Add 1 t vanilla or ½ t almond extract: beat stiff. Drop by tablespoon. Bake 50 min. 225-250°. Chocolate Roons Beat stiff: 2 whites 2 T cold water Beat in: 1/3 c sugar 1 t vanilla Blend in: ¼ t salt ½ T flour Fold in: 1 oz. chocolate melted 1¼ c coconut Bake 30 min. 325°. 70s Celery Creamy Sauce Sauté: 4 stalks celery + leaves 2 t dried parsley 2 scallions 1 t lemon juice salt pepper

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Remove from heat and just before serving add: 1½ c cottage cheese or a mix of cottage cheese and yogurt blended smooth Serve over baked potatoes your favorite pasta or with sliced tomatoes and hearty buttered rye bread. McPizza--70s-Style Toast some bread or English muffs. Spread with tomato paste. Top with mozzarella onions mushrooms and green pepper. Toast or broil. Variation: add other stuff. Very 70s Eggplant Parmesan Sauté over high flame until browned and getting soft: 1 med. eggplant sliced ½-inch-thick oil as needed Set aside simmer 15 min. in same skillet: 1 lb. jar of your favorite pasta sauce extra Italian seasoning ½ onion -- green pepper 1 carrot grated ¼ c Parmesan ½ c toasted sesame seeds Arrange eggplant slices in large baking pan top with sauce. Spread on top of that ½ lb. mozzarella sliced. Bake 15 + min. 350°. Serve with your favorite pasta or with rice also of course a fresh green salad. Very 70s Nutty Noodles Sauté 2 onions in ¼ c butter. Add and brown: ¾ c peanuts ½ c cashews Add and heat through: 1 c cooked white beans 12-oz. whole-grain noodles cooked Mix separately by hand: 1/3 c tahini 2 c yogurt or more 1 t honey dash cayenne salt pepper Combine all of the above and put in casserole. Sprinkle on top ¼ c

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toasted sesame seeds. Slip it in to a 300° oven for a few min. Another 70s Elegant Noodle Dish Sauté: 1 T butter small onion ½ lb. mushrooms 2 garlic some parsley Stir in: 3 dashes of Worcestershire Remove from flame and just before serving stir in: 1 c cottage cheese blended smooth with ½ c yogurt salt pepper Serve on hot noodles garnish with parsley. Serve with of course a favorite green salad. Turkish Barley Soup Brown 2 large onions in oil. Add: 1 c barley When lightly toasted add: 5 c stock or broth Cook until barley is done--45 + min. Remove from flame let cool a bit then slowly add: 2 c buttermilk or yogurt Sprinkle in dill to taste and some butter. Once I was giving a demonstration of nonmeat cooking and the moderator could not stop eating the soup for the entire program Walnut-Cheddar Loafe 1¼ c cooked brown rice 1 c walnuts coarsely ground 1 c cheddar grated 2 T lemon juice 2 c chopped onion sauteed in oil 2 eggs salt 2 T nutritional yeast 1 t caraway Mix well. Place in loaf pan. Bake 30 + min. Serve with cheese sauce. The Properly Poached Egg

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Fill skillet 2/3-full of water. Add ¼ t of vinegar for each egg. Bring water to simmer break each egg into saucer and slide gently into water. Add some salt. Spoon simmering water over eggs every two minutes until they set. Cherry Soup Cover with water + 1-inch: 1 c schnitz 2 lb. cherries chopped Simmer 30 min. purée return to low flame. Remove ¼ c of the liquid and whisk in 1 T cornstarch return to pan. Cook until thickened. Cool to room temperature then stir in 2 c buttermilk. Chill. Add some lime juice. English Pesto Sauté 2 cloves garlic in 2 T o.o. and 1 knob of butter. Add the chopped stems from 1 bunch 500 g chard. Turn off flame. Add a handful of toasted pine nuts the rest of the chard 100 g parmesan or pecorino and a handful of fresh coriander leaves. Process. Eye-Talian Pesto Process: 2 c fresh basil 4 large cloves garlic 1 c pine nuts or walnuts Drizzle in 1 c o.o. Pulse in: 1 c Parmesan ¼ c authentic Romano Lydia Emersons Pear Pie Filling Peel slice five Anjou pears. Mix together: 2 T flour ½ c sugar 1/8 t salt 1 c yogurt cheese 1 egg ¼ t nutmeg 1 t vanilla Fold in pears pour onto crust. Bake 15 min. 400° 25 min. 350°. Add a topping and bake a while 375°.

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Pasta with Cheese Cook pasta in salted water. Toss with olive oil butter parsley garlic salt pepper and Parmesan. Easy Cheese Sauce Heat slowly: 1 cup milk Stir in: 1½ c grated cheddar or Swiss 2 T w.w.p.f. pinch salt 1 t Dijon mustard pinch tarragon pinch cayenne Creamy Dressing ¼ c yogurt 1/3 c blue cheese 1 t Dijon mustard ½ t Worcestershire 2 t white wine vinegar ¼ t curry powder 3 T chives 1 t honey salt pepper Stir gently. McCarthyism Fruit Salad Drain a regular-sized can of crushed pineapple and a can of fruit cocktail reserve juice. Cook stir until thickened: 1 c of the above juice 2 egg yolks ¼ c sugar 2 T cornstarch Chill. When cold fold in: The above-mentioned drained fruit 2 c whipped cream 2 c mini-marshmallows When ready to serve add bananas. A Cake Frosting

slide 40:

6 T melted butter 4 T cream 1 c coconut ½ c brown sugar ½ t vanilla ½ c chopped nuts Mix. Spread on cooled cake. Place under broiler until frosting bubbles. Beards Chickpea Purée Purée 6 cups cooked chickpeas. Put in heavy pan along with: 6 T butter 2 cloves garlic salt pepper Heat through adding enough heavy cream up to ½ cup to give a consistency like mashed potatoes. Stir constantly to avoid sticking. Aunts Maize Casserole Sauté 1 onion in some oil. Add to: 2 c water 1 egg 1 c chopped green chilies Add: 3½ c blue cornmeal 1 t baking p. 2 t cumin 2 t chili powder Pour half the batter into casserole. Add 2½ c grated cheese then rest of batter. Bake 40 + min. 375°. Variation: more layers. Curried Dip 1 c yogurt cheese 1 T curry powder ½ t hot sauce 2 t onion ¾ t salt 1 T vinegar or lemon juice Serve with raw vegetables. Rød Grødmed Fløde

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Process: 20-oz. strawberries or raspberries Strain away seeds if one must add: 3 T sugar Boil over med. heat. Stir in: scant 2 T arrowroot 3 T water Simmer until thickened. Chill. Serve with heavy cream and fresh berries. Bechamel 2 T butter 2 T onion Cook 3 min. Stir in: 2 T flour Stir in: 2½ c hot milk Cook stir until smooth. Add: ½ t salt ¼ t white pepper tiny amount of nutmeg Cook over low flame 30 min. occ. stirring strain. Sauce Mornay 2 c hot Bechamel 3 egg yolks ½ c grated Swiss Whisk yolks into sauce. Fold in cheese. Serve. Potato-Cauliflower Soup Cook one head cauliflower and 3 potatoes. Heat: 4 c of the cauliflower cooking water Add: 1 c instant dry milk 2 T butter 1½ t salt Add: the vegetables some fresh parsley Process most or all of the above. Add: 1 c onions

slide 42:

Heat gently. Egg Sandwich Heat some oil in a small skillet. Add 1 egg pierce yolk. Sprinkle 2 T Parmesan on top of it. Cook 1-2 min. then flip: cook till golden. Place between two slices of whole grain bread. Add ‘1 romaine leaf’+ other things if desired such as tomato slice onion slice and the like. Proper Scrambled Eggs Whisk 1 T heavy cream into 2 eggs. Melt 1 T butter in pan. Add eggs + some salt pepper: scramble till set. Russian Egg Salad 4 hard eggs 3 T softened butter ¼ c ground walnuts 2 T fresh dill 2 T fresh cilantro 2 T green onions 1/8 t salt Mash eggs with butter stir in rest and mix well. Cheese Sandwich Spread Toast and grind ½ cup hazelnuts. Add to: 1 c soft cheese 1 t black pepper ½ t red pepper flakes Beat until creamy. Chill 2 + hours. Top with sesame seeds. Faithful Cheesecake 1 pint ricotta 3 eggs ¼ c honey 1 t vanilla Beat. Pour into casserole sprinkle with nutmeg. Bake covered 40 min. 325° or until set. Knife test. Variation: pour over berries or other fruit and bake as above.

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Sauce 4 Fruity Desserts Heat slowly: 13-oz. evaporated milk 3 T sugar Whisk in: 2 T cornstarch 1/3 milk When thickened add: 1 t vanilla 2 t orange liqueur 1 t brandy Simmer 1 more minute. Chill reheat in double boiler. Parsley Pâté fresh parsley o.o. oil-packed dried tomatoes walnuts garlic Parmesan lemon juice salt pepper Process. McLiptauer Pâté 8-oz. cream cheese 2 t sweet Hungarian paprika 2 T onion 2 t chopped capers ¾ t caraway Serve on thin-sliced rye with radishes. Goat Dip 3-oz. Roquefort or blue cheese 2 T white wine ¼ c chopped-fine Brazil nuts Cream cheese room temp. with wine stir in nuts.

slide 44:

Pahkin Cake Beat: 4 yolks 1½ t vanilla Add: 1 t lemon zest 1/3 c sugar ¼ t salt Beat beat in: 3 T flour ½-lb. walnuts Gently combine the above with: 4 whites Place in base of baking pan: 2 T bread crumbs mixed with a little butter Pour on rest. Bake 1 hour 325°. Yogurt Cheese Cheesecake 4 c yogurt cheese 3 eggs 1 T lemon juice 1 t lemon zest 2 c sugar 1 t vanilla 3 T sifted cake flour Water-bake 1½ hours 325°. Egg Pâté 8 eggs - 1/3 c mayonnaise - ¼ c chili sauce - ½ t salt - ¼ c pimiento- stuffed green olives chopped Egg + Lentil 3 c cooked lentils ¼ c red onion 1 c minced parsley 2 garlic 1 t cayenne juice 1 lemon 4 T o.o. 3 hard eggs

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salt pepper Cheddard Lima Beans Cook 1 lb. lima beans drain and reserve liquid. Put beans back in pot and add 1½ t dillweed 2 c grated cheddar salt pepper. Pour in reserved liquid to cover. Heat gently. q1 Desserts Can Contribute to Health

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DESSERTS Dessert originally meant food served after the table had been cleared or "desserted" of everything else...even the cloth removed. We find accounts of grand dinners served in the early days of our country describing the polished mahogany tables with candles in tall silver candelabra casting a mellow glow over the guests enjoying a "dessert" of fresh fruit. In Europe "dessert" still means fruit served at the end of the meal. However for them this fruit course follows a "sweet"...that is a pudding pastry soufflé or an elaborate torte creation. We Americans have simply promoted the "sweet" to the place of honor at the end of the meal. Orange Tapioca Pud 1: 1/2 c sugar 4-5 T tapioca dash salt 2 1/2 c orange/pineapple juice 2: 1 c chopped fruit 4 T ch. dates 1: Let sit 5 min. bring to boil over med. flame. Let cool slightly then stir in 2: chill 2+ hrs. top with coconut. Optional: add orange zest.

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Chocolate Tapioca Pud 1: 3/4 c sugar 1/3 c cocoa 3 T tapioca 1/8 t salt 2: 2 3/4 c milk 1 egg 3: 1 t vanilla 2--1: let sit 5 min. Cook stir over med. flame until boiling point is reached. Stir in vanilla and chill. All Be Fed Tapioca Pud Simmer until thickened: ¼ c maple syrup ½ c tapioca 3 c vanilla soymilk 2 t vanilla ¼ t salt Chill 2 + hours. Stir in: 2 T maple syrup 1 pint straw berries Top each serving with more berries. Euell Gibbons Raspberry Brownies 1: 1 c applesauce 1/2 c sugar 1 t vanilla 2: 1/2 w.w.f. 1/2 c cocoa 4 T white flour or phlour 2 t soda 1/4 t salt 3: 1/3 c ch. nuts

slide 48:

1/2 c raspberries 1--2: 3. 8-inch pan: 25 min. Chocolate Syrup 2 squares bakers chocolate 1/2 c + 2 T boiling water 1/2 c sugar 1/8 t salt 1/4 t vanilla McDougals Tapioca Pudding 1: 2 c orange juice 2 c pineapple juice 6 T tapioca 2: 1 1/2 T or more lemon juice 3 : chunks of one or two types of fruit Barnards Assistants Cobbler 1: 1 1/3 c w.w.p.f. 1 c sugar 1 T baking powder 1/2 t salt 2: 1 1/3 c or more soured soymilk 3: 4 c fruit berries peaches or apples Fruit on bottom: bake 45 min. Pan Apple

slide 49:

1: prepared apples or some other type of fruit 2: 1 3/4 c phlour mostly w.w.p.f. 1 1/2 t baking powder some soda 1/2 c sugar cinn. 3: 1¼ + c buttermilk 6 T oil 1/2 t vanilla 3--2: pour spread over fruit. Bake ±1¼ hr. Apple Pan 1: 3 T marg. 6 large apples peeled sliced 3 T Suca. 1 t cinn. 2: 3/4 c w.w.p.f. 3/4 c white flour or not 1/2 c Suca. 1 1/2 t baking powder 3: 4 T oil 1 c soymilk 1 t vanilla 1: cook 15 min. in skillet set aside. 3--2: half the batter on bottom apples in the middle rest of batter on top. Bake at 350. Custard Sauce 1 1: 1 c milk 1 t vanilla 1 t cornstarch

slide 50:

2: 1 egg yolk 4 T sugar pinch salt 1 + 2: cook until thickened chill. Custard Sauce 2 1: 1 1/2 c milk 2: 3 T sugar 1/4 t salt 3: 4 egg yolks 4: 1/2 t vanilla 1: scald add 2. Yolks to the double boiler: pour in 1 + 2. Cook until mixture coats the proverbial spoon. Remove from heat stir in vanilla. Assads Dessert 8-oz. pkg. Calimyrna figs -- pkg. black mission figs -- dried pears 1/2 - 1 c water 1/3 c maple syrup Simmer until fruit is soft chill. Aztec-Scot Pudding 1: 1/2 c quinoa 1 c water 2: 2 eggs 1 c milk 3 T brown sugar 1 t almond extract

slide 51:

3: 1 c cooked brown rice 1/2 c ch. figs 4 T rolled oats 1: simmer 15 min. 3-2: 1. To the baking dish. Water-bake 45 min 375°. Apple Pudding 1: 1/2 c sugar - butter - brown sugar 2: 1 egg 3: 1 c barley flour 1 t soda 1/2 t cinn. - nutmeg - salt 4: 2 apples peeled chopped 2 - 1: 34. 9x9 pan. 30 min. 350°. Tapioca Pud 1: 3 c grape juice 1 c milk 1/3 c tapioca 2: 2 egg yolks 1/2 c sugar pinch salt 3: 2 whites 1/2 t lemon extract

slide 52:

1: cook until clear. Beat 2 add 1/2 c of 1. Return to 1 bring to boil. Cook stir 2 min. Beat whites stiff fold into the above. Pour into dishes and chill. Whipped Affair 1/2 c milk powder 1 c water 4 T honey juice 1 lemon 1/2 c fresh berries Blend well and chill. Serve very cold on cooked fruit or plain cake. Cocoa Meringues 1: 1/2 c sugar 2 1/2 T cocoa 2: 2 egg whites 3: 1/4 t cinn. 1/8 t cream o tartar 1: sift. 2 + 3: beat to soft peaks. Beat in sugar 1 T at a time on high speed until stiff and glossy. 45 min 250°. Cool 5 min. then remove from parchment. Passover Macaroons 1: 1/4 lb. almonds ground 3 T sugar 1 1/2 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chopped 2: 1 egg white tiny pinch salt 3: tiny pinch cream of tartar 4:

slide 53:

2 T sugar 1/8 t almond extract 2: beat until frothy. Add 3 beat to soft peaks. 4: stiff. Stir into 1. Arrange mounds of batter 1-inch apart. Bake 18-20 min. Mauroffs Meringues 1: 2 egg whites 1/8 t cream of tartar pinch salt 2: 1/2 c superfine sugar 3: 1/4 t vanilla pinch cardamom 1: beat to soft peaks. Add 2 gradually while beating. Add 3 beat 5 min. longer. Place baking sheet in 450° oven turn off heat and let stand few hours. Prune Whip 1: 2 egg whites 2: 4 T sugar 3: 1/2 lb. prunes 1/2 c water zest + juice 1/2 lemon 1/2 t cinn. 4: 3/4 c sugar 4 yolks 4 T cold water 2 T cornstarch 1/2 t salt 5: 1/2 c boiling water 1 + 2: beat stiff. 3: process 20 sec. add to the above. 4: process 30 sec. add 5 liquefy. Fill shallow dish. Top with nuts. Bake 40 + min. 350°. Old-Timey Brown Betty 1: 2 c bread crumbs + 1/3 c melted butter 2: 2 c sliced apples 3: 1/2 c sugar 1/4 t cinn. 1/4 t nutmeg 4: 1/2 c water 1 lemon rind and juice Arrange layers of crumbs and apples in greased baking dish. Sprinkle

slide 54:

each layer with spices and sugar. Add 4 top-off with crumbs. Cover and bake in moderate oven 30 min. 45 more min. topless. This pudding is usually made with apples but almost any other fruit may be used instead of or in combination with them. Strawberry Soup Puree 2 c strawberries + 1/2 c water. Add: 3/4 c sugar 1 c water 1 c cranberry juice Bring to boil. Cool then add 1 c yogurt chill. Garnish with more strawberries. Tapioca Fruit Pud Bring to boil 3 T tapioca + 1 c water simmer 5 min. Add ½ can orange juice concentrate + 1½ c more water. Chill 1 hour. Stir in 3½ c fresh fruit bananas peaches oranges melons etc.. Pumpkin Pie sans Crust pumpkin 1 c sugar 2 eggs 1 can evaporated milk pumpkin pie spice pinch salt 2-4 T flour unbleachd white tapioca etc. Refreshing 2 1/2 c fruit juice + water 1/2 c sugar 4 T tapioca bit of salt 1 c cut-up fruit 1: cook over low heat until mixture boils. Cool fold in 2. Add 1 t vanilla or 1 T lemon juice. Fruit Gel Place 2 ripe bananas in glass dish and add 1 c fresh berries. Combine 2 c grape or cherry juice + 1 T vegan gelatin. Heat then pour over

slide 55:

fruit. Chill. Gelld Fruit 1: 1 1/2 c water 3 T vegan gelatin 2: 6-oz. orange juice concentrate 1 banana 1 pint raspberries 2 T honey 1: heat in saucepan until gelatin is dissolved. 1 + 2: process place in 8x12 pan chill. Grateful Cow Jello 1: 2 T vegan gelatin 1/2 c water 2: 3 c fruit juice 2 T lemon juice Soften 1 a few min. then simmer until clear. Stir in 2: chill to set. Fudge 1 lb. real chocolate 1 can condensed milk pinch salt 1 t vanilla 1 c chopped nuts Melt chocolate in double boiler. Stir in rest. Pour into greasd square pan. cool score. Par Fay Spoon lemon yogurt over fresh blueberries. Top with crushd gingersnaps. Phiggies Grind 20 figs with ½ c raisins 1 c pecans. Stir in 3 T nut butter. Mix well form balls and roll in chopped nuts. Fruit Pud

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Heat to boiling: ¾ c sugar 2 c water ½ t salt 1/3 c tapioca Arrange in layers in baking dish with 2 c fresh fruit. Dot with butter sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake 1½ hrs. Serve hot or cold. 50s Housewife Blender Cranberry Salad Warm to dissolve: 1 envelope vegan gelatin 1 c water Place in electric blender with: 2 c cranberries 1 organic orange seeded quartered ¾ c sugar Blend until orange peel is well chopped-up. Stir in 4 T ch. nuts chill until firm. ¡Yo Gell Mix in blender: 1 T gelatin ½ c hot water After blending 40 sec. add: 1 c fruit juice 4 T sugar 1 T lemon juice pinch salt Blend 10 sec. chill until semi-firm then add: 1 c any kind of fruit except pineapple Chill in molds. Plum Cobbler Place in a 7x11 baking dish: 2¼ lb. fresh plums thin-sliced ½ c maple syrup 1 T arrowroot 2 T lemon juice 1 t cinn. Combine: ¾ c rolled oats

slide 57:

½ c w.w.f. ½ c ch. walnuts ¼ t salt ½ c maple syrup ¼ c oil Sprinkle over fruit: 40 min. 350°. A Confection of the Grecian Isles Process ½ lb. dried apricots + 1 lb. pitted dates + 1/3 c raisins. Blend thoroughly with 2 T honey. Form into balls and roll in lightly- toasted sesame seeds. Fruited Gelatin Mix in blender 40 sec.: 1 T vegan gelatin ½ c hot water Add: 1 c fruit juice ¼ c sugar 1 T lemon juice ½ t sic salt Mix 10 sec. chill until mixture begins to set then stir in 1 c any kind of fruit except for pineapple. Chill in molds. Almond-Date Bars 1 c finely-ground almonds 2 t almond extract 2 eggs 1 c chopped dates 1 c brown rice flour 4 T brown sugar Mix well. Press into a not-small-in-area pan. Score press an almond onto each square. Bake 15 + min. 350°. Coconut Pudding Mix: ½-lb. coconut 1-oz. butter ¼-lb. sugar juice + rind of 1 lemon

slide 58:

Beat 4 egg whites until stiff fold into the above. Bake 350°. Stockton-On Tees Fruit Tapioca Pudding Heat to boiling: ¾ c sugar 1/3 c tapioca 2 c water ½ t salt Place in baking dish along with 2 c fresh fruit that is arrange in alternate layers. Dot with butter sprinkle cinnamon on top. Bake 1½ hours sic. Serve hot or cold. Interesting Icy equal amounts of soymilk and yogurt some frozen mangos peaches honey More Tapioca Pud Bring to the boiling point: 2 c milk ½ c tapioca ¼ c maple syrup 1/8 t salt Cook until thickened. Add 1 t vanilla and pour into things. Old-Timey Bread Puddin 10 slices stale bread 3 eggs 2¾ c Sucanat ¼ c butter 1 c raisins 16-oz. can fruit cocktail 2½ milk/milke some vanilla 1 c chopped pecans Mix all together in big bowl. Put in 9x13 dish. Bake 55 min. 400° topless.

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