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Legal expert systems are being increasingly developed and deployed worldwide in a myriad of applications. VisiRule eliminates the need for a programmer and provides a structured way of organizing legal knowledge. Just visit :


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More and more lawyers are now evaluating lawsuits by performing decision tree analyses. These analyses performed can then be used in several ways: To give the client a clearer understanding of the uncertainties and key issues, and To plan a cost-effective litigation strategy.

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Legal knowledge is well-suited to VisiRule’s mode of self-publishing and provision of self-service tools. It enables legal knowledge engineers, legal experts, and lawyers to author and publish charts themselves in the form of interactive legal expert systems without the need for programmers. VisiRule builds the questionnaire directly from the chart itself. The charts provide a structured and familiar way of organizing legal knowledge. This means legal expertise can be shared externally and internally with a wide audience in an executable way.

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NDAs are the most crucial tool in protecting commercial secrets and enabling companies to work with others while protecting their own IP. Here the user’s answers and associated text fragments are used to populate an XML template and generate a customized NDA.

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This tool helps program staff to assess whether a client is eligible for the Medical health coverage or not depending on the income, current coverage, and citizenship status. This legal expert system asks various questions and uses statement boxes to calculate several values. These are used to direct a search of the relevant case law.

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Legal expert systems are being increasingly developed and deployed worldwide in a myriad of applications, mainly because of their explanation capabilities and symbolic reasoning. So it makes it essential for you to understand how to interpret them, otherwise, your capability to negotiate favorable settlements for your clients and participating in planning or critiquing litigation and settlement strategy will be hampered.

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