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Want to produce personalized legal, tax and financial advice and reports? Why fret so much for it when you can do it efficiently with AI-powered legal expert systems? Just visit and achieve all this very easily. He we can help create and deliver intelligent applications that combine the reasoning, calculations and logic of domain experts. For more related info, just click :


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Legal Expert Systems Drawing on your expertise


What is VisiRule? VisiRule software enables legal experts to capture, explore and execute their expertise as logic rules using a dedicated diagramming tool. No Code - No need for programmers or technicians Low Code – access to business rules layer VisiRule generates code as Legal Expert Systems


More on VisiRule VisiRule Author offers a simple visual point 'n click interface to draw charts VisiRule Publisher uses this chart to create an interactive web session automatically by trawling the chart VisiRule Server collates answers to generate personalised advice, reports and document instances

Extended Single Choice Question Chart:

Extended Single Choice Question Chart 3 questions, all single-choice, 5 expressions, one of which is shared, 1 start box 1 end box 1 continuation box. 11 links

Part of PA Chart:

Part of PA Chart 1 start and 2 ends, and a handful of single choice questions with 2 expressions each. And associated links.

Compound logic in expressions:

Compound logic in expressions A] expression refers back to q1 and q2 B] expression refers back to q1 and q2 C] expression refers back to q1 and q2 D] expression refers back to q1 and q2 B & C merge to the same conclusion


LPA VisiRule is developed by LPA - a small AI company in UK LPA been working building AI solutions since 1981 LPA previously created what became Contract Express LPA has customers worldwide Contract Express® is a registered trademark of Business Integrity, a TR company


What do we want from LawFirms? 1] Identify NEW innovative online decision support internal projects the law firm wants to provide to its customers and staff and to identify external projects to help win NEW clients . 2] Explain to the KM people that, unlike any other system, VisiRule eliminates the need for a programmer to code the lawyer’s expertise into incomprehensible “computer gobblygook” - both initially and, perhaps even more importantly, to keep the online advice current as the law and the responsible lawyer change. …. then Build & Develop Proof of Concept Demo


Use Cases Generate bespoke legal advice Generate legal documents Self-service assessment systems Best practice advisor (FCPA etc) B2B Internal – train/assist junior staff B2B – Provide clients with online advice/help B2B (extranet) – Attract news customers B2C – citizen legal advice


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