Role of AI and Expert Systems Software in Business Competitiveness

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Slide 2: Technology has evolved a lot in the last few decades and Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting technologies to emerge. Expert systems software exploit AI techniques and can act as a smart human mind full of specialist knowledge, able to give us advice in many areas which otherwise would require access to a specialist.

Slide 3: To be able to perfect the same high-quality tasks as Expert System do, would be very expensive if performed by humans. Expert Systems are widely used from giving basic advice on a specific problem to performing highly complex tasks. Expert Systems are proficient in reasoning, classification, configuration, diagnosis, planning, and pattern matching. Healthcare, legal firms, customer services, aviation, financial services, and document generation can all be carried out by Expert Systems software . Get Introduced to Our Browser-Based Visual Authoring No additional software required. VisiRule365 brings you the power of browser-based visual authoring with no requirement of installing or downloading any software or worrying about upgrades. VisiRule365 allows authors to draw charts which can generate expert system sessions on the web. For instance, a legal advisor can draw a chart to advise on entitlements and show how to apply correctly. A tax specialist can also draw a chart to find out if any tax is due and how much is to be paid and hence can offer this as a service to other consumers, businesses, or advisors. You can operate all from within a browser. Want to know how? Keep on reading…

Slide 4: Create Intelligent Products and Services VisiRule is an AI-powered software package which enables business professionals to design and deliver intelligent expert systems visually. AI Expert Systems are the applications which mimic the reasoning of human experts to solve problems. You can simply draw your knowledge by placing the boxes, editing the contents, and linking them together. You can also clone elements to fasten drawing. Draw Your Knowledge

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Custom Appearance VisiRule works across multiple industries such as medical, insurance, legal, and other application areas like decision support systems, proposal configuration, compliance regulation, advice generation, and diagnostics. We combine AI software with visual flowcharting to provide a complete and powerful management tool. You can determine on your own on how any specific object can be presented visually by choosing the options on the settings pane. Full Canvas VisiRule365 comes with so many tools for styling the visual presentations of lines, text, and nodes. This ensures you can design your chart the way you want to make it look just right.

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