Cultivation of 'Tissue culture Grande Naine / G9 Banana'


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Profits are assured if you switch over to TC plants from the conventional planting using suckers. Plant TC plants for prosperity.


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Dear Sir, Is it possible to have a copy of your ppts on banana? It would be of great help .

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Presentation by: A.Vishnu Sankar Asst. Manager (Marketing), Tamilnadu SHRI RAMCO BIOTECH Bangalore – 5 6 2 1 2 3

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WELCOMES ALL TO: Seminar on “Technology Transfer on Tissue culture Banana cultivation and Market Advocacy through Federation of Banana growers of Kalakad, Tirunelveli” Date:21-02-2011, Monday, at TVS ASRI.

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WELCOMES ALL TO: Workshop on “Hi-tech Practices, Production and Management of T.C Banana” Place: “Farmer’s Mela”.Coimbatore Date: 24-02-2011.

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Secondary hardening Centre in Tamilnadu:

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Secondary hardening Centre in Chinnamanur, Theni Dt., Tamilnadu:

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Secondary hardening Centre in Chinnamanur, Theni Dt., Tamilnadu:

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T. C - G9, Plants

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Jiffy plants

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Jiffy plants: Bag made of biodegradable material. No need to cut open the bag. Can plant as such in the soil. Damage to roots avoided. Soilless planting media. Avoidance of soil borne pathogens. Growth media contains seaweed extracts and fumigated coco peat.

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Jiffy plants in holding trays:

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Conventional loading & despatch pattern: New despatch pattern: Damage free, easier and faster loading and unloading, easier counting, less labour. All at no extra cost.

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Infected planting material. I month – Growth of leaves. Slow growth. 3 month – Smaller leaf area. 16 leafs.New leaf 25%bigger. Bunch emergence-8-9months. I Harvest – 11-12 the month. No. of Harvests – 5 – 7 Last harvest – 16-17 month. Bunch -25Kg, Finger-150gms Disease free planting material. I month – Growth of roots. Fast growth. 3 month – Larger leaf area. 18 leafs. New leaf 45% bigger. Bunch emergence-6-7months. I Harvest – 10 the month. No. of Harvests – 2 - 3 Last harvest – 11 month. Bunch –35Kg, Finger–180gms T.C. PLANTS

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Harvested bunches–77% Ave. Yield per acre: 1210/100x77 = 932 bunches. Yield in Kgs. 932 x 25 = 23500 NET PROFIT: Ave to Less. Harvested bunches 95% Ave. Yield per acre: 1210/100x95 = 1150 bunches. Yield in Kgs. 1150x35 = 40250 NET PROFIT: VERY HIGH T.C. PLANTS

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Age: 3 Months, Variety: G9, Place: Uthamapalayam, Farmer: Thameem 10/02/2011

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Age: 3 Months, Variety:G9, Place:Cumbum, Farmer:Ayyappan 10/02/2011

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Tall plants. Dwarf plants. Plants with variegated leaves. Plants with mosaic leaves. Plants with high pigmentation in leaves. Plants with deformed lamina. Dwarf plants

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CuSO 4 0.1 % spray

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Gypsum application @ 1 kg per tree

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FUSARIUM WILT – Internal Symptoms

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Sigatoka Yellow Leaf spot

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on bract on pseudostem BRACT MOSAIC VIRUS

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Thank you

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