Twitter For B2B Lead Generation


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Twitter is a powerful to generate high quality B2B Leads for your Business. When Leveraged with Proper Planning and Campaign, Twitter Provides Amazing Results.


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How TWITTER Gets You High Quality B2B Leads

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COMMUNICATION Create Compelling Bio Identify Your Target Audience Identify Keywords to Target Create Links to Your Best Performing Pages

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COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION INCREASE Twitter provides people to engage with each other as a community. Through forums people are able to contribute their opinions and thoughts on certain topics and themes that interest them. By participating in discussions engaging with industry leaders and providing answers to queries   increases the potential to generate quality leads.

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CONTENT Create On Point Create Content which your Audience Want Include Visual Assets Cross Mine and Get Content Ideas Include Points to Make it Share Friendly Develop Themed Content Strategy

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PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT TO RELEVANT AUDIENCE Content Cross Platform Promotion Include Trending Hashtag in Your post Use mentions Ask for Share Retweets Promote Your Tweets

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TWITTER POLLS USE Twitter can be used to poll and educate people. A lot of people get involved in these polls. Create Twitter polls with click-worthy content and relevant to your industry. If people find your pole interesting and valuable they might come to visit your profile which gives you a huge opportunity to have leads.

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TWITTER ADS RUN Run Website Clicks or Conversion Ads for your most Successful Posts Run Video Ads for your b2b webinar clips Promote the Downloadable Form of Content

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OTHER KEYS Pin Your Most Engaging Tweet Live Tweet During Major Events Influencer Marketing Track and Measure

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THANK YOU for your time How to Use Twitter for Quality B2B Lead Generation by Vishnu Raj

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