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T.S. Eliot: 

T.S. Eliot Il Sun Yu Hyuk Jang The Waste Land

Understanding of this poem: 

Understanding of this poem Poet Few people understood Symbolic meanings Lecture Note (Frontier of Criticism) Literally allusions Hard

The Waste Land: 

The Waste Land Published 1922 The legend of holy grail(his note) Other stories of myth Christian The waste land symbol of modern life

Part 1: 

Part 1 Spiritual life Society Impedance of King Modern Christianity “April is the cruelest month” Rain Line 60

Contrast and Paradox: 

Contrast and Paradox Life and Death Spiritual significance Christian theory Death by Water Water

Contrast and Comparison : 

Contrast and Comparison The Waste Land Tradition , Myth History

Part 2: 

Part 2 Two Modern Theme Upper Class and Lower Class Synthetic Perfumes 87 Modern life(no spiritual)

Shakespeare , Milton: 

Shakespeare , Milton Antony and Cleopatra Adam and Eve Myth and Legend Human Fault

Part 3 : 

Part 3 The Tempes Ferdinand Speech Symbolism of Fishman Tiresias. Metamorphosis It is a civilization dying of spiritual drought.

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