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Sub-conscious MindYour Hidden Curator : 

Sub-conscious MindYour Hidden Curator

Slide 2: 

The Sub-conscious Mind

Slide 3: 

Our Life – A flickering flame

Slide 4: 

The Sub-conscious Mind - The Sun within you

Slide 5: 

The Life with Sub-conscious Mind Wealth Health Power Happiness

Slide 6: 

Sub-conscious Mind – The source of all good things

Sub-conscious mind : 

A source of all good things We don’t have to acquire it, we already possess it ! Sub-conscious mind

Slide 8: 

Why we are deprived of it’s power ?

Sub-conscious mind : 

Sub-conscious mind And if we have this powerful source Why don’t we have these all good things in our arm?

Slide 10: 

Sub-conscious Mind - The Sleeping Power

Sub-conscious mind : 

Sub-conscious mind Because . . . The Sub-conscious Mind is hidden and is in deep sleep

Sub-conscious mind : 

Sub-conscious mind Let’s contact and release this inherent power

Sub-conscious mind : 

Sub-conscious mind What is this Sub-conscious Mind ?

Mind : 

Mind Conscious Sub-conscious Working knowingly Work unknowingly Normal power 30,000 times > conscious mind

Sub-conscious Mind : 

Sub-conscious Mind Can not distinguish between something real or vividly imagined. Once it perceives any thought clearer, it attempts to turn this image into reality

Slide 16: 

Our Life – The Reflection of Sub-conscious Mind

Our Life is the reflection of our Sub-conscious Mind : 

Our Life is the reflection of our Sub-conscious Mind Everything starts with a thought Material world is the creation of thoughts The clearer the thought, the faster the goal is achieved Sub-conscious mind materializes the perceived thoughts

Slide 18: 

The Process Thought Imagine Perceived by sub-conscious mind Materializ-ation by Subconsc-ious mind

Slide 19: 

The Roadmap of surfacing Sub-conscious Mind

The Roadmap of the Goal : 

The Roadmap of the Goal Stimulate the sub-conscious mind Define the thought clearly Implant the thoughts / desires deep in the Sub-conscious Mind

Slide 21: 

The Key is Repetition

The Key is repetition : 

The Key is repetition Repeat & Repeat the clearer thoughts Incorporate the image Deep, deeper in the mind Incorporate the word Incorporate the thought

Slide 23: 

The Importance of being Positive

The Positive Thinking : 

The Positive Thinking The Thoughts-Words-Acts Go hand-in-hand Think Good Speak Good Do Good

Don’t stop ! : 

Don’t stop ! Keep on repeating, repeating . . . till the Goals are materialized by the mighty Sub-conscious Mind

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