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Every home has carpets, and no one likes to have a dirty carpet as it could cause various health problems at your home, it also diminishes the beauty of your house, carpet cleaning should be done regularly to prevent these problems. Vinyl Floor Care is professional who provides cleaning services including carpet cleaning, flood restoration, tiles and rug cleaning in Sydney.


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Vinyl Floor Care applies the modern equipment and safe cleaning solutions to give the most effective results leaving your carpets fresh and hygienically clean using • High Powered Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning • Portable Hot Water Extraction • Low Moisture Encapsulation And the best choices to suite all local carpet cleaning requirements.

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All of our staff have been qualified and have certifications in •Carpet Cleaning •Stain Removal •Carpet Fiber Identification •Carpet Cleaning Methods •Carpet Cleaning Chemicals •Water Damage Restoration.

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Steps The initial step of cleaning your carpet is to pre-inspect the carpet for wear stains and overall situation. The Next step of cleaning your carpet is to pre-vacuum your carpets using an upright heap filter vacuum cleaner after this a cleaning detergent is utilised by spray to your carpets.

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Steps Allowing the detergent to soak into the carpet we then steam clean and rinse the detergent out with an acid rinse leaving no residue in the carpet to block re-soiling. A refreshing deodorizer is utilised to the carpet leaving the carpet smelling wonderful.

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• Certified tools and cleaning solutions • Save your time • Avoid mould and mildew • Restore to your carpet to its initial beauty and quality • Knowledge of various carpet types Benefits

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Contact Us Suite 1/21 Palomar Parade Freshwater NSW 2096 Australia 02 9400 9395

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