Tile Cleaning


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Tile cleaning could be tough as compared to other areas of your house. Equipment and technique to clean tiles become advance now a day. Vinyl Floor care has a specialised team for tile and carpet cleaning. To know more, visit - http://www.vinylfloorcare.com.au/services/tile-cleaning-sydney/


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Tile Cleaning


Introduction Regular sweeping, mopping and vacuuming will not be sufficient to keep the tiles and grout in your home or work place in the best possible condition.


The way tile and grout cleaning has progressed over the last few years has changed dramatically.


How Can We Help? Vinyl Floor Care have a high powered clean and capture method, this is done by a cleaning solution being scrubbed into the tiles and grout.


Step 1 Cleaning solution is left on for around 15 minutes given the product time to work into the dirt and grime.


Step 2 Now rinse the tiles and grout using our clean and capture technique, high pressure hot water is blasted onto the tiles and vacuumed away at the same time, leaving your newly cleaned tiles and grout dry enough to walk on immediately .


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