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Vintage Furniture Miami Would you believe that we can reconstitute your old furniture and turn them into brand new looking contemporary furniture Miami? A  lot of homeowners have discovered a cheaper and better alternative to buying brand new sofas, living room sets, love chairs and centerpieces by recycling what they have right there in their living rooms. You’d be surprised how Redux Design will turn those old pieces around into brand new furniture sets. Rustic Furniture Miami is the best alternative to buying brand new and you can save a lot as well. Rustic Furniture Miami is ideal for both outdoor and indoor movables.

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Vintage Furniture Fort Lauderdale Redux Design was founded by a husband and wife team, Grant and Ashley Lewis, and holds office in a storage unit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida . Furniture refinishing Fort Lauderdale has become a full time occupation for them as they try to provide a better alternative to expensive brand new contemporary furniture. They started furniture refinishing Fort Lauderdale to share an inexpensive way of obtaining furniture for your home. When what you want is the ultimate in contemporary furniture Fort Lauderdale refinishing jobs, there’s only one place where you can find the most imaginative and highly innovative customized furniture refinishing business today; that’s no other than Redux Designs. They have the talents and the genius when it comes to furniture refinishing Fort Lauderdale.

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Saving distressed contemporary furniture Fort Lauderdale wouldn’t have been possible if not for the excellent craftsmanship of grant and the artistic savvy of Ashley. The husband and wife team is perfect furniture refinishing Fort Lauderdale team, who pooled their genius together giving old contemporary furniture Fort Lauderdale a new lease of life and in a most exciting way. Contemporary Furniture Ft Lauderdale Old living room sets, dining sets, bedroom sets, and all the other aging and faded household furniture will be transformed into highly decorative and attractive pieces once more. Redux Design will restore all your contemporary furniture Fort Lauderdale including,

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We are currently working out of a shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and are developing a team of talented artists to maximize our effectiveness in these arenas. We provide services that include custom building farmhouse tables and other furniture from scratch, refinishing your own existing furniture, accessorizing your home or work space and so much more For more information please visit our site: Rustic Furniture Florida

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