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Vincent Iannaco comes from a family of business owners. He is a retiree from the NYPD. He graduated the Police Academy at the top of his company class and was selected to join the elite Tactical Patrol Force


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Although Vincent Iannaco retired from the NYPD as a Law Instructor, his roots are in business . His Grandparents came to this country from Italy and they started their own very successful businesses. One of their first businesses was making and selling finished cement figures such as flower pots, small people figures, large cranes (birds), etc. They then opened an Italian/Seafood Restaurant in Queens, NY, that Vincent's father went on to expand. 


Vincent Iannaco is a Consultant. He has several years’ experience in Training and Financial Planning.  He is creative, hardworking and ambitious. Currently Vincent has his own business. He has branded his own products, imported from China and sold them on Amazon. He is also an Amazon affiliate. 


His specialties include:  Setting goals and surpassing them How to conduct a successful seminar (He has done several on Financial Planning for Police Supervisors, Executives and others) Internet Marketing Amazon Consulting Research Business Consulting (How to start a business, structure and what needs to be done) Problem Solving Writing


He has been the President of his Civic Association, and has won several awards at his previous jobs. He has many years of life experience and has learned from his accomplishments and mistakes. He knows how to communicate well with people and how to help them with their problems. 


An avid creator, organizer, Entrepreneur, Professional Coffee Scholar, Web Guru, Internet Guru and Thinker, he is still unable to type with boxing gloves on. Vincent enjoys hobbies like Photography, Strategy Games, and visiting American Revolutionary Sites. 


He thinks he was Hans Solo's college roommate, and is now superb at parallel parking, and, he still draws on fogged up windows. But, most of all he is proud to have been Siri's ex-boyfriend. Ok, all kidding aside, what value can Vincent bring to you? Vincent Iannaco can teach you how to become an entrepreneur, how to become a successful Amazon seller, how to talk in front of people (example, how to give a great seminar), how to make your own website and get involved with internet marketing, how to overcome adversity, ( from life's experience and being a perceptive person), how to financially plan for your future, (he was a Registered Principal, and Financial Adviser for several years), and, how to solve many problems you may have. 


Vincent is a people person and a good listener. He loves the entrepreneurial spirit. 


Real Estate Investing is a current business interest and he has been actively pursuing it as another business venture.  Stay tuned!


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