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Village Grief Counselling At village grief counselling we help those individuals who are facing grief and loss in their life. We always provide a safe and confidential environment for our clients. There are different types of ​Grief and Loss ​ that humans face in their life like a relationship loss immigration grief disability grief. Services ​- ● The person who is facing end-of-life needs a lot of love and attention in life. We provide essential tools for supporting our clients. ● At village grief counselling we will help those people who are disturbed by their loving ones and they are facing a stressful situation. ● Relationships play a ​ vital role in human life but some ​times we get grief ​in our relationships. We provide you with a safe environment and you never feel alone at village grief counselling. ● New place and environment always give us stress and we always miss our family which we left behind us. We provide you with the strength to take new steps in a new country with full of confidence. ● We always listen to everyone’s needs carefully and give you privacy according to your needs.

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Resources- We provide a trained helpline and many other ​resources ​ to support in ​grief and loss of our clients. We have different grief support groups and they help individuals in their suicide grief homicide grief and so on. We also provide individual and group counselling to young people who are facing grief and loss in their life like a health issue breakup accident workplace loss. Contact- ​ For more details visit our website

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