Types of Online Banking Frauds


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Online Banking Fraud or internet fraud refers to schemes in which fraud is committed with the help of online technology.


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Types of Online Banking Frauds and How to Safeguard Against them:

Types of Online B anking F rauds and How to Safeguard Against them

What is Online Banking Fraud? :

What is Online Banking Fraud? Online Banking Fraud or internet fraud refers to schemes in which fraud is committed with the help of online technology. Prime reason - Majority of people who use online banking are not aware of safe practices during online transactions. Bank fraud is a criminal offence and sometimes referred to as white-collar crime

Types of Online Banking Frauds:

Types of Online Banking Frauds There are many ways in which Online banking frauds are committed and being aware of them is the first step of prevention Some of the common ways are: Using Malware and viruses Phishing/ Vishing / SMiShing Identity Theft In the following slides, you can read in detail about the ways in which online Banking Frauds are committed and how to safeguard against them


Viruses Very common method of Banking fraud They come in the form of Malicious software which infiltrate the systems and stay undetected by firewalls Some viruses can detect keystrokes, redirect to specific websites and some can spam the inbox Safeguarding Practices Increase security by constantly updating the antivirus software Use dedicated computer for personal banking and online transactions. Avoid public systems. Enable pop-up blocker in your browser


Phishing/ Vishing / SMiShing Phishing is one of the means by which cyber criminals try to get access to your data An email is sent, which looks to be sent from a legitimate party like a bank or organization These usually contain a call to action link which will land in their webpage to access your information Vishing is similar technique via phone and SMiShing is via SMS/text message Safeguarding Practices Verify the sender’s mail id Directly contact the sender to check whether they have sent any e-mail Don’t respond to unknown e-mails Never click on links in mails from unknown senders

Identity Theft:

Identity Theft Happens when personal information is stolen and used by fraudster to commit fraud and other crimes. Common methods of stealing identity include social engineering (tricking you to give up personal information), hacking, spoof emails etc. Safeguarding Practices Report to Bank immediately when you lose your debit card or your check gets stolen Change your online passwords frequently Review card statements periodically to ensure there are no unknown transactions


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