Three Tips to Travel on a Small Budget in Vietnam

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Three Tips to Travel on a Small Budget in Vietnam


Are you planning a trip to Vietnam but are worried because of low budget? Then, here is the good news for you. Vietnam is the ideal place for travelers who are running low on cash as this country is cheap to travel to and accommodation here is budget-friendly. A bit of planning and careful spending will let you experience this amazing country and its facets and that too without spending a bomb. Want to know how? Read the five listed below tips to travel to Vietnam on a small budget and explore this country.


Opt for Visa on arrival Gone are the days when tourists had to spend hours in queue for getting a visa for Vietnam. Thanks to the new immigration rules and procedures, getting a Vietnam Visa has become a cakewalk. Earlier tourists had to personally visit Vietnamese embassy and had to go through a rigorous process to obtain a visa. And all this had to be done weeks before the planned trip. But now, things have become extremely simple. All you have to do is  apply online for a visa on arrival , submit the form, receive a confirmation letter and produce this printed confirmation letter at the airport when you arrive. The authorities will check your confirmation letter and will give you your visa.


While obtaining a visa on arrival, you should go through a travel agency which takes some service fee but guides you through the entire process swiftly. They will fill your visa form on your behalf and will also notify you about the applicable charges. The visa on arrival feature has made the process of obtaining a visa for Vietnam simple and effective. So, when you are planning a trip to Vietnam, ensure you take the visa on arrival route and brag about the ease and simplicity you enjoyed during the procedure with your friends. The visa on arrival feature helps in saving time and ultimately reduces costs as well.


Avoid hotel booking during off seasons Travelers across the world visit Vietnam to experience the various festivals of Vietnam. Hence, if you are planning a trip to Vietnam during the period of festivals, booking hotel in advance is mandatory as the country is flooded with travelers and there is a scarcity of accommodation. But during the off-peak season, the frequency of travelers reduces considerably making hotels empty. If you are visiting Vietnam during this period, remember you have the rights to dictate the terms. You can easily get a fantastic deal if you can push for it a little.  


The ideal way to find the best hotel is to go window shopping for it. If you are in cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, then window-shopping for hotels is absolutely recommended. By personally checking out hotels, you get to know their features and amenities. Some hotels in Vietnam don’t have internet facility while some which have internet, lack basic hygiene. On the contrary, some hotels pack an incredible deal while offering all facilities along with top notch service. To find such lucrative deals, you should visit the hotels personally and use your bargaining skills.  If everything works well, you will definitely end up with a better deal than the one you can find on the internet and will also save some bucks!


Walk away from tourist districts while shopping Shopping is an integral part of Vietnam tour. Vietnam with its rich cultural offerings is a heaven for shoppers as there are plenty of souvenirs to collect. From clothes to food items and from exotic objects to showpieces there are a plethora of shopping items on the plate but if you want to grab the best deal then it is advisable to stay away from the tourist districts. The tourist districts are highly crowded with tourists and have only certain objects on the display. As these places cater mostly to foreign tourists, the prices are steep. Shopping here would most probably make you buy an overpriced item which will be too common and not so good in quality as well. In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the French quarters have a heavy concentration of shops while the Notre Dame Cathedral has plenty of eateries and tourist places around it. If you are looking for the best of Vietnam then try exploring other areas of the town.


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