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 The Visa on Arrival VOA is not a full Visa. It would be thus advisable if one can employ an agent in Vietnam to obtain an official letter of approval that one can present at the VOA counter when one lands.  The passport along with full visa inside is received once the visa processing fee is processed.  Most of the agents ask you to state your present nationality as part of the application process and provided you qualify you can apply for a one or three month visa single or multiple entries.  The fees charged by VOA agents for their service range from 9 upwards depending on the type of visa and the agent in question.

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 The main issue in Private Vietnamese Visa on Arrival can be that the visa process at the airport can be slow. For example in HCMC airport things become a bit chaotic when people do not form a basic orderly queue.  The HCMC airport is termed as the busiest airports of Vietnam as it handles far more traffic as compared to the other two airports.  Thus in the time of high season it is sometimes very much common to wait for one or two hours if one is stuck behind a large tour group.  In Hanoi and Da Nang and even in HCMC in the low season and during quiet times of the day it can take less than 15 minutes to get your visa and pass through immigration - indeed you are likely to arrive at the baggage carousel before your bags do.

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 Again the citizens of some countries do not need a visa for short visits. This might affect the different travel arrangements. It is necessary to check the required document with the travel agent or with a Vietnamese Consulate/Embassy in your own country.  Visa is not required if you travel directly to Phu Quoc Island and remain there for the duration of your trip. However if you will be going to mainland Vietnam afterwards you must obtain a visa beforehand. Thus it would be safe to arrange for a Visa beforehand to be able to adjust in any kind of situation.  Extending a visa is no longer a simple process as some of the rules regarding the extension of visa have changed. Hence it is advisable to make enough enquiries beforehand and not to put things for the last minute.

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 is a genuine online portal which handles all the issues relating the visa on arrival in Vietnam.  The portal promises the best and fastest service avoiding the frustration long wait and expense of dealing with the local embassies and always assures security.

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