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Facts about Vietnam you should know: Vietnam Visa

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 A country that’ s located on the Sea of South China is popular for its rivers beaches and Buddhist pagodas. A Southeast Asian Country with buzzing city life has many historical places and museums.  You might have been to Vietnam many times before but did you know about the some of the cool facts it holds  Check out below to find out some amazing facts about Vietnam that need to know of you have already visited here and was unknown to you.

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Facts You Ought to Know about Vietnam Visa: In Vietnam Anybody Can Feel Themselves as Millionaire: Vietnamese currency is called the “dong” and is very interesting. Here 1 is more than 20000 VND and thus you got to be careful here while paying money. For instance to stay in a hotel at Vietnam or have dinner you pay approx 50000-100000 VND. This makes it confusing as well. If you pay 100000 instead of 10000 here nobody will tell you about this mistake. Vietnamese people take advantage of foreign money here.

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Vietnam is the Second Largest Explorer of Rice and First Largest Explorer of Cashew Nuts in the World: Vietnam is the wo rld’ s largest explorer in cashew nuts producing of about 34. A fruit that is rich in nutrients and contains about five time more Vitamin C than oranges. The cashew nut itself is the seed that grows beneath the cashew apple. Brazil is the native to cashew apples but it seems Vietnam produce far more than them. It is also the worl d’ s second largest producer of rice. A special rice wine is found in Vietnam with snake pickled in it believed to cure any sickness. It is the speciality here.

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The Country Vietnam is shaped Like the English Alphabet “ S ”: Did you know one of the amazing facts about Vietnam that the shape of this country is like “S” This country is peculiarly shaped as the alphabet “S ”. Vietnamese People Actually Eat Cats and Dogs Meat: Belching and munching is very much in Vietnam. You may find it disgusting but it’ s a fact that Vietnamese love eating cats and dogs. They say that the meat of a young dog is the most tasty they find. In most of the countries loud eating is believed to be rude but Vietnam is an exception this case.

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It is called the Paradise of Coffee: After Brazil Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world. It produces 16 of the worl d’ s coffee after Brazil producing 40. If you are a coffee then once you should taste coffee here as V ietnam’ s coffee is considered to be incredibly tasty. Coffee is also comparatively cheap and iced version of cool coffee drink is known to be very refreshing here. Thus Vietnam is called the coffee paradise.

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