How exerxise effects the brain

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How does exercise effect the brain?

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Exercise is proven to make a person better at everyday things. Exercise trains the brain. It helps keep the brain active throughout the day.

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If you are sick exercise has been proven to help cure sickness by making you sweat.

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Regular exercise can relieve depression and improve self esteem. Exercise actually gives our minds a workout and helps relieve stress. This includes any type of exercise.

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Exercise helps and trains the mind to practice dealing with stress. Exercise helps maintain a healthy flow of blood and oxygen which in return protects the brain.

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Exercise improves your overall mental health. Exercise triggers the production of endorphins. Endorphins are similar to morphine. They may be produced as natural pain-relievers in response to the shock that the body receives in exercise.

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Regular exercise will help you to sleep better at night. Regular physical activity makes the heart muscle stronger. When your heart is strong, your entire body and your brain benefit from improved circulation.

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As people age certain tissues shrink. Studies found that the fitter the body, the less shrinkage there was in the areas that control memory and other "thinking" tasks.

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Exercise is proven to improve attitude and help set a better mood. People that exercise are more likely to be in a better mood than people that do not exercise.

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Exercise causes the creation of new neurons. The new neurons are created in the hippocampus, the center of learning and memory in the brain

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