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For Mulchannel One-on-One Interacons in Real Time www.zineone.com Oct 2015 Unleashing the Power of Event-Triggered Marketing

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Read on to get a snapshot of key consumer interaction trends that are disrupting digital marketing. Learn about strategies to tackle new challenges. It’s all here… in byte-sized chunks we call ”in-the-minute shots" In-a-Snapshot ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com Times They Are A-Changin’ The Mac had the mouse. The iPod a clickwheel. The iPhone a touchscreen. What about the Apple Watch you ask Well its got the "digital crown" a tiny knob replacing the conventional crown on traditional watches and a "Taptic engine" that helps it communicate. The ubiquity of mobile devices is rapidly being complemented with wearables and digital accessories that not only have added screens but totally new interactions. Yet it seems that marketers so far have only just scratched the surface in terms of the possibilities of connecting with their customers in meaningful ways.

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1.  Haptic Marketing Anyone 2.  Emergent Interaction Patterns 3.  The Long Tail of Interactions 4.  Building an Interaction Layer 5.  Events. APIs. Actions. 6.  The ZineOne Advantage Content ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com

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1. Haptic Marketing Anyone The shift to Inbound strategies using SEO and content dripping has been a a good one. While this required significant investments of time and budget this also heralded the age of permission based marketing. Use mobile as the focus of your customer communication strategies. Short bursty communications are the new norm. Email has become a secondary communication channel ideal for long-form updates e.g. a newsletter. ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com The ongoing smartphone and wearables revolution brings in a form of continuous touch between consumers and brands that we’ve not seen before. "Haptic Marketing" refers to strategies that leverage this sense of touch and feedback between a brand and its connected customers. Its about enriching experiences. Nurturing enduring loyalty. Enabling new value-based interactions. To Inform. To Engage. To Induce. To convert Stairway To Heaven We’ve come a long way from email blasts and disruptive banner ads so typical of interruption-based marketing. Or have we The allure of a medium that is inexpensive has mass reach and is measurable has been too big to ignore. However with customers in the driver’s seat opportunities from outbound marketing are increasingly like finding broken needles in a haystack. Outbound Inbound Interacve Effecveness Complexity

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ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com Coming In From the Cold The Apple Watch’s "digital crown" may indeed be a tiny knob that forever changes how consumers and brand communicate. Emergence of new devices not only leads to new interaction patterns but entirely new customer behaviors. Which makes old marketing strategies ineffective. Internet banner ads that once averaged a click-through rate of 2–3 are now lower than a tenth of that at 0.1–0.3. Meanwhile push notification campaigns delivering rewards have open rates of 80. 2. Emergent Interaction Patterns It is important to identify these trends at early stages and to formulate effective marketing strategies that can keep up with the inevitable change. Lets take a look at some of these next.

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In-the-Moment Location-based browse search Transaction-based notifications Activity-based micro services ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com Cross Device Research on phone buy on tablet Task completion across screens Continuous screen experiences Online-to-Offline Buy online pickup in store Value-based upsell Proximity-based offers Here are some emergent interaction patterns at the forefront of new consumer experiences connecting the digital to the physical.

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The new app economy has miniaturized mobile apps to be conduits for delivering microservices. There’s an app for that Like to hail a cab. Or call a plumber. Or order dinner. The bar is high for product teams to create apps with high utility great simplicity and robust transaction support. Meanwhile interaction patterns are stretching product priorities to enable social actions intent actions such as product likes add to wish list share with a friend actions that connect user activity synchronized shopping cart etc. 3. The Long Tail of Interactions ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com The problem of enabling connected experiences is compounded as brands add apps for new touch points – there are over 6000 apps already on iTunes for Apple watch Traditional software design which focuses on delivering great experiences to known users for known use cases is in fact under great pressure due to the pace of change in devices apps and interaction patterns. Providing meaningful data-driven experiences to all users is what the long tail of interactions requires. Next lets look at how apps can deliver new overlay experiences. Unknown users Known use cases Known users Known use cases Unknown users Unknown use cases Known users unknown use cases Users Use cases

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Product teams today need new strategies to build a ”interaction layer" that can connect all of the digital touch points through which consumers interact with the brand. Product and marketing teams are looking to enable real-time customer communications at forefront of this transformative "haptic" change. Relevant communication is critical to multichannel connected customer journeys. Whether you are in a store or browsing online you want brand interactions to reflect your needs and be value additive. ZineOne gives product teams a high-throughput messaging infrastructure and flexible integration options through in-built Enterprise Integration Patterns as pipes filters for extensible processing using server-side javascript. Use event-driven triggers to enrich enterprise data and consume micro- services business APIs. With ZineOne brands can leverage user profiles past history loyalty status and more to engage their customers effectively. 4. Building an Interaction Layer ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com Easily embed notifications in-app messages and even in-app chat that can be controlled dynamically from the ZineOne cloud. Free up precious engineering resources while empowering business users to drive and manage customer engagement. • Interacon • Transacon • Operaon Events • eCommerce • CRM • CMS APIs • Noficaons • In-App Msgs • Deep Links Acons

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5. Data Drives Action ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com Context is a key component for a great experience. It encompasses knowledge of: ²  Who is the customer ²  What’s their location ²  What kind of device is being used ²  What are some of the historical interactions of this customer with the brand ²  Any product preferences Typically brands have a lot of this contextual information already but it resides in isolated pools and is not easily accessible to the customer facing staff or to the marketer. In order to drive conversions on mobile marketers need to have access to all this information to interact with the customer knowledgably. For example a retail app may have the following information about a user: Megan age 30-45 periodically buys clothes for children via her smartphone. She can be sent extremely relevant offers on her phone. “Hi Megan We have a 15 discount just for you on childrens’ clothing”

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ZineOne is the industry’s first marketing platform specifically built to respond to event triggers in real- time and enable dynamic customer interactions using a path-breaking declarative integration framework. True power of multichannel analytics can now be unleashed to take real-time actions that influence the customer journey — through in-app messaging on-device notifications or through persistent inbox messages. ZineOne platform is built with proven enterprise technologies like Java a high-throughput horizontally scalable event processing platform highly scalable and distributed data stores HBase MongoDB. The platform supports in-built Enterprise Integration Patterns such as pipes filters for a declarative and highly extensible approach to data integration. No programmers required 6. The ZineOne Advantage ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com ZineOne provides visual drag-n-drop tooling for business users to design customer journeys and in-built conversion analytics to monitor campaign performance. We provide SDKs for application integration on all major platforms including web apps as well as native or hybrid mobile apps.

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"Event-triggering tactics are likely seen as a baseline methodology for planning and executing real-time personalized multichannel marketing." - Gartner May 2015 ZineOne Inc. 1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas CA 95054 www.zineone.com

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