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Discover a massive selection of textile based home décor products including curtains, blinds, bed & bath linen, upholstery, and more.


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POPULAR LUXURY CURTAIN AVAILABLE IN TULIPS What’s the best part of owning a home Well apart from the fact that you have grafted hard to acquire it it’s the latitude of fleshing your dwelling with details that you love which makes it so intimate and valuable. That’s the best part we reckon. We know you are house-proud profoundly attached to everything whether big or small that has a footprint in your space. Your choices – some impetuous some calculated and influenced by your travels and constantly evolving taste seek to give a personal definition to your home. Windows are an important feature of your architecture. We know it’s duh-uh but there’s something that may have eluded you. Here’s it – if you treat your windows as the springboards of your design project you won’t have to spend time wracking your brain to think up ways to array other décor pieces in your space. Everything will follow automatically. Following are the luxury curtain types Pencil pleats The most common and versatile of them all pencil pleats are best suited for casual and unpretentious settings. Pencil pleats are called so as the tiny vertical gathers look like closely stacked pencils. Goblet pleats For a couture-like flourish to your curtain look no further than goblet pleats. We are big time suckers for anything that looks well-sculpted and dramatic and goblet pleats have it to the rafters. Pinch pleats Pinch pleats can transform the look of your curtain in a heartbeat. They are elegant hand-sewn and fall into disciplined folds. They are decidedly dressy and apt for floor grazing voluminous curtains. Triple pinch pleat or French pleats are suitable for formal interiors and are perhaps a little difficult to sew our tailors need to be in a Zen-like state to do themas the folds need to be scrupulously divided and stitched so that the pleats fall into perfect symmetry. Smocked Smocked heading looks gorgeous and has a Provencal air to it. But this intricate pattern necessitates pinpoint focus and a lot of time. Smocking is achieved by gathering small evenly spaced folds and stitching them in ornamental pattern. Box pleats For structured unfussy and neat look –you can never go wrong with box pleats. These pleats fall into deep folds that go down the entire length of the fabric. The pleats create a super tailored masculine feel that offset interiors with feminine motifs and colors. Browse more at http://tulipsindia.com/ Wave pleats Ideal for both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics wave pleats create soft undulating folds on the curtains. A vibrant abstract pattern will give a luxurious slant to this otherwise simpler window treatment. A heavyweight fabric will look gorgeous when spilled on the floor while a soft lightweight fabric when allowed to sit flush with the floor will look chicer.

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