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ACT Or SAT How To Decide Which Test To Take Should You Take The ACT or SAT SAT vs ACT – Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Test prep tutoring As an ACT/SAT tutor this is the number one question I am asked. And my number one answer is to take a practice test of each and compare the results. The process is pretty straightforward the materials you need are free and readily available and it’s something really any student can do on his/her own. ACT and SAT Diagnostic Basics

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Should I Do A Diagnostic At Home Or At A Test Center You may choose to go to a local testing center that administers mock tests however we find this is generally unnecessary—unless there are special circumstances at home that make it impossible to work in a quiet distraction-free space. How To Do Your Own ACT vs. SAT Diagnostic Test • Have pencils a calculator and a watch or some kind of timer. • Go to a quiet distraction-free space where you can work at a desk. • Take breaks and grab snacks between sections just as you can during the real test. • Do the ACT and an SAT on separate days. They’ll each take nearly 3 hours to complete. • Take each practice test around the same time of day if you can for a better comparison. Veridian Pro Tip If you run out of time on a section mark the place where that happened but keep answering to see how many questions you would have answered correctly if you had had more time. This is important because you may run out of time the first time you try one of these test but you will get faster as you practice more. Scoring and Comparing Results • Score the tests and compare — only counting the answers you completed within the allotted time. • Use the official ACT and SAT scoring guides to determine your score—it’s not quite as simple as just counting the number you got right/wrong. • Compare not only the total scores but also your scores on each subject section.

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What If My Scores Are About Even First remember that the ACT and SAT are equally accepted by all colleges and universities. It’s also pretty common for students to have comparable scores when they do the practice tests. If you come out even then simply choose the one on which you felt most comfortable. Feeling confident the day of the test is also important ACT SAT Test Dates with COVID-19 update as of this writing June 2020 The May SAT and June SAT ACT were canceled. We don’t know if/how the July and August 2020 tests will be administered. The best thing is to check directly with the ACT and College Board. ACT Test Dates Registration here. SAT Test Dates Registration here. Want more information on the SAT and ACT or some guidance in making the right choice please get in touch—I’m happy to help Read More:

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