4 Food Packaging Trends Businesses Need to Prepare For

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4 Food Packaging Trends Businesses Need to Prepare For :

4 Food Packaging Trends Businesses Need to Prepare For venuspack.com.au Sustainability Digitalisation Personalisation Minimalism


Sustainability venuspack.com.au Brands and companies that ignore the importance of sustainable packaging will suffer in the future when customers make a shift to support brands that are deemed socially responsible. Brands that make the shift now can leverage the marketing value of sustainable business practices.

Digitalisation :

Digitalisation venuspack.com.au We live in a digital world and it’s important that businesses and brands leverage these platforms for a consistent and continued brand experience. We are already seeing QR codes appearing on packaging and social media inspired competitions.

Personalisation :

Personalisation venuspack.com.au Consumers are becoming increasingly harder to please. Adding an element of personalisation is one way to break through the clutter and appealing to consumers. Coca-Cola’s share-a-coke campaign was a global success because it gave consumers the opportunity to express themselves through a bottle of coke.


Minimalism venuspack.com.au The ‘less is more’ philosophy is taking stride in the world of packaging. There is an apparent shift away from loud graphics and overly bright colours to more minimalist designs that evoke a more expensive, high-end vibe. This trend is also linked to consumer perceptions of food products. Simple, soft designs have become synonymous with natural, healthy products.

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