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BACKGROUND On May 13, 2007 the yearly event Fight Hunger: Walk the World will take place again under the patronage of the United Nations World Food Programme (UN WFP). It was initiated by TNT – the humanitarian partner of WFP – three years ago to engage people all over the world to achieve the Millennium Development Goal: halving the number of all hungry people by 2015 and to end child hunger. Each year, WFP provides food aid to an average of 90 million people, including 56 million hungry children, in more than 80 countries. More is needed. The WFP continues to fall behind in providing sufficient food for those who are starving. Every day 800 million people go to bed hungry and a child dies of hunger every five seconds. Since 2003, the first Walk the World event has grown steadily. In 2005 over 200.000 people raised so many funds, that 70.000 school students could been fed one year long. In 2006 more than 760.000 people joined walking and raising funds in 118 countries and 420 locations over 24 time zones. With your help 2007 can be even bigger !


THE VISION Annual event of a global movement to raise awareness and funds and make it possible to eradicate child hunger by 2015. Organized by the UN‘s World Food Programme and TNT. The Walk is destined to become the greatest-ever annual humanitarian call to action. WFP’s aim for 2007: raise a total amount of 5 million USD to fund WFP global activities aimed at reducing child hunger: projects to improve maternal and child nutrition, and school feeding projects which provide food to attract school students in developing countries.


CEMS‘AMBITION CEMS supports Fight Hunger: Walk the World To make a difference. To create awareness for the hunger and illiteracy in the world. To help underprivileged children to get, what we take for granted. OUR AMBITION Walk, walk, walk… Raise funds to support WFP Projects, esp. education through the school feeding projects



CEMS and TNT: 

CEMS and TNT CEMS and TNT are official partners of „Fight Hunger: Walk the World“. TNT is organising walks in different cities all over the world on May 13th, 2007. Already registered walks in CEMS Cities: Bergen, Budapest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Stockholm, Prague, Rotterdam. CEMS will sponsor official Fight Hunger: Walk the World T-shirts and bracelets for every CEMS participant.


WALKS ORGANIZED IN CEMS CITIES Cologne: CEMS Students + Alumni with TNT Helsinki: CEMS Students + Alumni with TNT Prague: CEMS Students + Alumni with VARA Rotterdam: CEMS Students + Alumni with TNT Bergen: CEMS Students with TNT – ? CEMS Alumni ? Budapest: CEMS Students with Red Cross – ? CEMS Alumni ? Copenhagen: CEMS Students with TNT – ? CEMS Alumni ? Paris: Fund raising activities on campus + auction Stockholm: CEMS Students with TNT – ? CEMS Alumni ? Dublin: CEMS Students trying on their own – ? CEMS Alumni ? London: WFP – ? CEMS Students, Alumni ?


CHALLENGES Barcelona: CEMS Alumna showed interest Louvain: CEMS Students participating in a pre-event in Brussels Milan: CEMS Students showed interest St. Gallen: CEMS Student showed interest Vienna: CEMS Student showed interest Warsaw: CEMS Alumni showed interest


WHAT CAN CEMS ALUMNI DO ? Liase with TNT, WFP and CEMS Students and support them. Mobilize ! Get your friends, family and other alumni to join the walk. Be creative in ensuring visibility and attention: posters, etc. Organize media events. Collect private donations from friends, family. Contact potential local sponsors (also non-CPs) to raise funds. If no walks are organized by TNT/WFP, organize your own walk: Don’t worry, it’s not a question of size !


EXAMPLE: COLOGNE TNT Cologne is organizing a walk in the city along the Rhine. About 5 km. After Walk Party at the Sport and Olympic Museum: family event with children’s playground, lectures about WFP, tombola, football competition on the roof of the museum, etc.. The CEMS Club Cologne supports TNT. Meetings have already taken place. Media presence is arranged by TNT. Invitations to CEMS Students and Alumni have already been sent out. Every participant, who registers until 22 April will receive a WtW-T-shirt + bracelets. The Dean and the Event department of the University of Cologne will be invited to create awareness for next year’s WtW event and for possible cooperation.


Join in ! www.fighthunger.org www.cems.org For further information Contact: andrea.banai@cemsmail.org and support Fight Hunger: Walk the World 2007

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