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Product presentation 1 TATA DOCOMO 3G Wi-Fi Hub

What is 3G Wi-Fi Hub?:

What is 3G Wi-Fi Hub? TATA DOCOMO 3G Wi-Fi Hub is ultra-compact new gadget for the evolved internet user that allows Connectivity for multiple personal internet devices on the go Connectivity for specific Wi-Fi only devices like Tablets, Gaming consoles, Wi-Fi enabled televisions

3G Wi-Fi Hub - Features:

3G Wi-Fi Hub - Features Dual Mode: Works on TATA DOCOMO 3G or TATA PHOTON PLUS, one technology at a time depending on the SIM card inserted in the device Download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps in 3G mode & up to 3.1Mbps in HSIA mode Anytime & anywhere internet zone Connects up to 5 users / devices Password protected device Portable powered battery Seamless connectivity with any Wi-Fi enabled device Simple browser-based configuration 3

Technical specification:

Technical specification Data Service HSPA: DL 7.2Mbps; UL 5.76Mbps HSIA: DL 3.1Mbps; UL 1.8Mbps Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Standard 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Security WEP/WPA/WPA2 Weight 80g Dimensions (W×H×D): 99.7mm*53.7mm*13.9mm Battery 1500mAh *Standby time About 100hours *Working time About 4hours Operating system Windows 7, Windows Vista(32bit or 64bit), Windows XP (SP3 or later), MAC(10.4 or later) Without Wi-Fi, Internet surfing with the USB connection is only available for the Windows and MAC OS . The standby and working time are only for your reference. They are based on the ideal working environment.

3G Wi-Fi Hub plans * Plan details would be shared by product team :

3G Wi-Fi Hub plans * Plan details would be shared by product team 3G Wi-Fi Hub is available with Post Pay plans only 3G Wi-Fi Hub customers are provided with a starter pack which contains both Tata DOCOMO 3G SUK and Tata Photon Plus SUK Customers can choose any of the plans given below either on Tata DOCOMO SUK or Tata Photon Plus SUK and enjoy data access on both the connections Customers can enjoy data speeds of 7.2 Mbps and 3.1 Mbps on Tata DOCOMO 3G and Tata Photon Plus respectively In order to access data on both 3G and Photon Plus, the customer needs to activate both the SUKs separately with necessary documentation as required. 5

3G Wi-Fi Hub plans Terms & Conditions:

3G Wi-Fi Hub plans Terms & Conditions All mentioned speeds will depend on multiple factors- like time of the day, number of simultaneous users, website accessed, geographical region and climatic conditions, etc All speeds to be measured till first point of aggregation as per TRAI guidelines. Video Calling is not available with these plans 3G Wi-Fi Hub does not support Voice calls. However, the customer can use the SIM cards received with Wi-Fi Hub in some other handset to make voice calls. (Tata DOCOMO) Voice calls available with all local/STD calls at 1p/sec, roaming on  home network at 1p/sec, roaming on other network for incoming/local outgoing/STD outgoing at Re1/Re1/Rs1.5 (Tata Photon Plus) Voice calls available with all local/STD calls at 1p/sec, roaming on  home network at 1p/sec National Roaming Tata DOCOMO 3G Wireless Broadband will work on Tata DOCOMO 3G network wherever available. Tata Photon+ Wireless Broadband will work on Tata Photon+ network wherever available. The data plans would be applicable as is, for on-net roaming on Tata DOCOMO network (2G and 3G). When roaming off-net on 2G / 3G networks, the data plans will not be applicable and existing roaming rates International Roaming International Roaming is currently not available on 3G Wi-Fi Hub For voice calls, International roaming at standard rates 6

3G Wi-Fi Hub plans Fair Usage Clause * Actual Plan details would be shared by product team :

3G Wi-Fi Hub plans Fair Usage Clause * Actual Plan details would be shared by product team In the Unlimited plan, Tata DOCOMO fair usage policy is applicable. The fair usage limit is defined as 15 GB for 5 GB plan 7 Smart Life Plans Monthly Rental (Rs.) Speed Level 1* Speed Level 2* Speed Level 3* Wifi_Rs1000 Plan 1000 Up to 7.2 Mbps for first 5 GB Up to 128 Kbps beyond 5 GB to 15 GB Up to 10 Kbps beyond 15 GB TTSL may additionally manage customers bandwidth at peak times to preserve the best experience for the greatest number of users. Fair usage benefits are subject to Tata DOCOMO fair usage policies Tata DOCOMO reserves the right to review and apply network protection controls in case of excessive use of Non Tata DOCOMO internet based streaming services, peer to peer file sharing etc. The same is meant to safeguard the quality of service for other customers. If the fair usage limit exceeds or such use be detected: notice may be given and Network protection controls applied to ensure the quality and availability of our network to all customers. This may result in, at Tata DOCOMO's  discretion, reduced speed of transmission, suspension of data browsing services and. Usage of the above amounts will constitute misuse and TTSL may monitor usage and withdraw the plan benefits from your account . In case of WiFi_Rs1000_Plan, additional usage on Photon Plus will be charged at Re 0.5/MB for the additional data usage post consumption of 5GB

Activation process – Tata DOCOMO 3G:

Activation process – Tata DOCOMO 3G Activation Process On receipt of the kit the channel partner to activate the sim card for the customer through the pre-defined process. The channel partner to confirm to the customer about the activation of the sim card For more information on activation, the customer to contact the call center 1800-266-121 Activation depends on the channel selected by the subscriber:- Retailer which are mapped to a IT-Dongle Distributor Retailer to SMS PACT <MSISDN> <6digit of RSN No> <Customer First Name > <Customer Middle Name> <Customer Last Name> to 52291 from his registered EVD Demo Number for intimation to the mapped distributor. On receipt of intimation distributor to SMS PCNF <MSISDN> <6digit of RSN No> <Customer First Name> <Customer Middle Name> <Customer Last Name> to 52291 from registered EVD Demo Number 3G Wi-Fi Hub to be activated as Postpay TTRB COCO stores SMS PCNF <MSISDN> <6digit of RSN No> <First Name> <Middle Name> <Last Name> to 52291 from registered EVD Demo Number 3G Wi-fi Hub to be activated as Postpay Postpaid Channel Partner & TTRB (Franchise) stores SMS CCNF <MSISDN> <6digit of RSN No> <First Name> <Middle Name> <Last Name> to 52291 from registered EVD Demo Number 3G Wi-Fi Hub to be activated as Postpay 8

Activation process – TATA Photon Plus:

Activation process – TATA Photon Plus Steps to be completed by Retailer / Distributor / TTSL stores : IPACT <Mobile GCC Del No> needs to be sent to 2929 from a registered Instant Postpaid Distributor number Steps to be followed by Customer to complete the activation process: (For detailed process with screenshots, please refer to the User Guide provided with the device) Open the Tata Photon Plus Starter User Kit which you have received with the device. The kit has a RUIM (SIM) and an Activation Card. Gently scratch the activation card to reveal a 14 digit PIN number. Insert the Tata Photon Plus RUIM card in the device. Power on your device. Use your normal Wi-Fi application on the client to search the available wireless network. Select the SSID (display name of the network) of your device, and then click Connect . There will be a pop-up window prompting you for password. The default password is 12345. Launch configuration page by opening in internet explorer Enter administrator password (Default: admin) and click on Login Click the Activation button at the top right corner of the Web GUI Configuration page to initiate the activation process Choose Postpaid and input the 14 digit PIN code given on the activation scratch card, then click the Activate button. During the activation, please do not switch off your device or close the Web GUI Configuration Page. Activation might take a couple of minutes. If activation fails please retry after sometime . Please contact 1800-266-121 for any help with the activation process. It is recommended that you change your password for security reasons. HSIA services will be activated only when the Order Entry is completed 9

Instructions for CAF Filling:

Instructions for CAF Filling 2 CAF separately to be filled for CDMA and GSM number. CDMA CAF to be filled for Photon Plus number and GSM CAF to be filled for Tata DOCOMO 3G Sticker mentioning both CDMA & GSM number to be pasted on both CAFs Both connection to be activated simultaneously Both CAF to be stapled together and submit to activation desk/DMS agency within 24 hrs of activation Wi-Fi security registration form signed by customer also needs to be submitted along with CAF forms (MANDATORY) – this form is available in 3G Wi-Fi Hub boxpack 10

Documentation for activation:

Documentation for activation Documents required are similar to any Postpaid connection (for both Tata DOCOMO and Photon Plus) Proof of Identity Proof of Address CAF Photo Wi-Fi security registration form (MANDATORY) – this form is available in 3G Wi-Fi Hub boxpack. Separate set of documents are required for activation of Tata DOCOMO and Tata Photon Plus SUKs. 11

FAQs on plans:

FAQs on plans Plans related FAQs are given in the document attached below 12

After Sales Service:

After Sales Service 3G Wi-Fi Hub comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase After sales service for Tata DOCOMO 3G Wi-Fi hub is provided by I-care Technical helpdesk # 1800-266-121 Detailed service deck with DOA process, repair process, escalation matrix is attached below: 13

User Guide:

User Guide User guide contains the following important information: Getting to know the device – LED indicators etc Hardware installation process Connectivity process Web GUI configuration page Tata Photon Plus activation process with screen shots Wi-Fi settings Hardwar FAQ Troubleshooting

Happy Selling!:

Happy Selling! 15

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