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VedicGrace Foundation giving astrology classes to every last one, being outstanding amongst other head association granting learning of Astrology.Predictive Jyotish Astrology Course (or Vedic Horoscope Reading Course) is available in English and Hindi language by Vinayak Bhatt : Top and Famous Astrologer in Delhi, India.


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VedicGrace Foundation VEDIC ASTROLOGY COURSES BY VedicGrace VedicGrace Foundation giving astrology classes to every last one being outstanding amongst other head association granting learning of Astrology. We grant the celestial information of Vedas and module high examples of teach through our committed workforce who meet the worldwide gauges making our understudies mechanically unrivaled and morally solid to enhance the personal satisfaction of humankind. Our Foundation offering astrology classes keeping in mind the end goal to energize the investigation and research in Astrology. Predictive Jyotish Astrology Course or Vedic Horoscope Reading Course is available in English and Hindi language by Vinayak Bhatt : Top and Famous Astrologer in Delhi India. BASIC ASTROLOGY COURSE DETAILS: VEDICGRACE  Course duration: 3 Months  Taught on: Working Days / Weekends.

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 Class duration and timings: 2 hours Flexible Timings.  Mode of teaching: Live interactive online in a virtual class room as well Classroom training Online Astrology Courses: Online Mode Astrology Courses in Delhi NCR: Off-line Mode  Language of teaching: English/ Hindi  Taught by: Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt  Qualifications: If you have passed 10th class understand simple English/ Hindi you can learn astrology Study Material Study material of Nadi astrology will be provided whenever required. + Books of Nadi Astrology. How to Pay 1. Pay by credit card or debit card online from 2. Transfer/deposit in bank a/c. Why Who How 1. It is a science. It can be taught. If you have the interest and the will you can learn it. 2. We have already taught several batches of students and several of our students are practicing astrology across the Globe. 3. You need not have any knowledge of astrology. 4. All you need is a basic computer or laptop an internet connection and Mike and head phones.

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5. So you can learn it from the comfort of your home. 6. If you have to drop out half way through you can continue and learn in the next batch Syllabus  Astronomy –The Universe The big bang theory Formation of Solar system The solar system Constellations Geocentric and Heliocentric system Inner and Outer Planets The Sun Natural Satellites Comets Asteroids Meteoroid Meteor and Meteorite Solar Wind The Earth Poles Equator Geographical Longitudes and Latitudes Time Zone The Moon Planetary Motion Celestial Sphere Celestial Equator Ecliptic Zodiac Formation of Days and Nights Vernal Equinox Autumnal Equinox Summer and Winter Solstice Declination Sidereal Period Sidereal Year Tropical Year Rahu and Ketu Inclination of Earth and its significance Sayana Nirayana Precession of Equinoxes Ayanamsa Sidereal day and Solar day Eclipses Solar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse Phases of The Moon Retrogression Combustion of Planets Planetary Wars Exercise.  Time – Longitude and Time Greenwich Mean Time Local Mean Time Standard Time Zonal Standard Time and Time Zone Conversion of Time Examples LMT Correction Exercise.  The Horoscope - The Ascendant Forms of Horoscopes Signs Planets Nakshatras or Constellations Sub Lord Exercise.  The Ascendant – Sidereal Time Steps for calculation War time correction Summer Time correction Calculation of Ascendant for Southern Latitudes Important tables Examples. Exercise.  Casting Horoscope – Calculation of Longitudes of Planets Characters in Ephemeris Examples Nirayana Bhav Chalit Examples Exercise.

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 Hindu Dasa System – Vimshottari Dasa Mahadasa Antar Dasa Pratyantar Dasa calculation of DasaExamples Exercise.  Planets – Twelve Planets considered in Astrology Planets as Significators Lordship of the Planets Aspects Natural Malefic Natural Benefic Separative Planets Natural Strength Friendship and Enemity Conjunctions Avasthas of Planets Exercise.  Signs – Twelve Signs of Zodiac Classification of Signs Fiery Signs Earthy Signs Airy Signs Watery Signs Movable Fixed Dual signs Sex Odd and Even limbs of a Native Tempraments Varn Watery Signs Directions Diurnal and Nocturnal Signs Biped Quadruped Prishtodaya Signs Shirshodaya Signs Ubhayodaya Sign Exercise.  Houses – Twelve Houses Significator of Houses Marak Houses Badhak Houses Quadrant Trine Penphara Cadent Upachaya Houses Relationship between Houses Exercise.  CONTACT Phone+91-9899383340 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

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