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Student management can be one of the most difficult tasks of running a school, especially with a large number of students in every school these days.


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February 8 2019 School Management Software Makes Student Management Easy 08 Feb by vasptech in School ERP System This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Desalite Connect: School ERP Software Student management can be one of the most difficult tasks of running a school especially with a large number of students in every school these days. From managing all their details to keeping a track of their performance it takes up a lot of time and effort. However with the School Management School ERP Software all of these responsibilities can be taken care of in the easiest and quickest of manner. The student management module of the School Management Software makes student management easy and effortless in a number of ways. So let us consider some of the benefits of School ERP Software in making student management hassle-free It maintains all the records of the students The student management module of the School Management Software stores all the information about the students including their attendance data their fee records and their examination results in the same place. This makes it convenient for the students to check their records anytime sitting in the comfort of their homes. Not only the students but the teachers and the parents benefit from it as well. It helps the teachers in keeping a track of the students’ performance to check if they are improving in any way or not. The parents also no longer have to call the teachers all the time to know about their child’s progress. They can log in to the School Management App and check it for themselves. Students perform better 1 / 3

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With a student information system in school the students do not have to run to the school for every little thing anymore. They have all their records on the School ERP software itself. So what they can do is they can concentrate on their main responsibility which is studying. Everything else can be managed with the help of the student information system. As they put all of their energy into studying they perform better and their grades also considerably improve. Thus the School Management Software helps in making the students bigger achievers as far as their performance in school is concerned. The students and the teachers stay connected all the time With the School Management System Software the teachers and the students stay connected even out of the classroom. The teachers can make an important announcement anytime with the help of this software program and the students will be notified immediately. The students can also ask the teachers about any doubts they have. This is particularly good for those students who are very shy in class and cannot speak up all the time. This gives them an opportunity to interact more freely with the teachers. It simplifies everyday work The School Management System Software simplifies everyday work to a great extent. The students can easily check what work they have already done and what they need to do with the help of this software program. They get all the information in one place and do not have to ask their classmates or their teachers about the same thing again and again. Thus it saves time and improves their productivity as well as the productivity of the institution. It helps in self-appraisal The School Management Software has all the records of the examination results of the students. It also contains the records of how they have performed in various assignments given to them. So the students can themselves keep a track of how they have progressed throughout the year. This helps them in appraising their own growth and they also get to know their areas of strength and weakness. Thus based on that they can work on improving themselves in the future. Messages and Notifications 2 / 3

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With the School Management Software the students always get notifications about important announcements. For instance if the teacher has given a sudden assignment all the students in the class will get a notification about that. Thus it saves their time as well as the time of the teachers. As soon as they get the notification they can check the assignment and start working on it. Also with the app notifying them all the time there is no way that they can miss any important announcement or assignment. At Vasp Technologies our School Management Software Desalite Connect does all this and a lot more to make student management considerably easier and simpler. It has been made keeping in mind all the requirements of modern schools. It maintains all the records and data of the students and caters to all of their needs. Student management is one of the most essential tasks of running an educational institution and with Desalite Connect the school authorities do not have to worry about it anymore. Thus Desalite Connect simplifies student management and also helps in increasing the overall productivity of the institution. Also Read: How School ERP is Preparing Schools for the Future Series Navigation How School Management Software Helps in Fee ManagementHow School Management Software helps in Staff Management Tags: 3 / 3

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