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Why Choose AT&T?:

Why Choose AT&T? Theories of Persuasion COMU 210 Fall 2015 Vanessa Ponte December 19, 2015

Get Strong! :

Get Strong!

AT&T Has you Covered:

AT&T Has you Covered

AT&T Has you Covered:

AT&T Has you Covered AT&T covers more than 99% of Americans. Overall , AT&T covers over 320 million people with its voice and data service, with over 308 million people covered by our 4G LTE network. What does this mean for you? Nationwide coverage you can count on.

What can AT&T offer?:

What can AT&T offer? For Example, A Mobile Share Value Plan 2GB for $30.00 a Month Talk , Text & Data: Share data with all devices. Get unlimited talk and text on all phones . Rollover Data: The data you don't use this month rolls over to next month . Overage rate: $20 per 300MB on 300MB plans, and $15 per 1GB on all other plans.

Is GoPhone for you?:

Is GoPhone for you? With GoPhone you can: Choose from a variety of 4G LTE phones and devices. Get Mobile Hotspot to connect your Wi-Fi devices. Bring your own tablet or phone from another provider. Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of plans and services with no annual contract and no credit check!

AT&T is looking out for your family:

AT&T is looking out for your family AT&T has Smart Limits that allows you to manage your family and monitor what they do. With AT&T Smart Limits, you can: Limit phone use during certain times of the day or night . Check in on daily phone activity.

AT&T is looking out for your family continued…:

AT&T is looking out for your family continued … Block numbers and cellular data. Set text and purchase limits. Get customized alerts and weekly reports. Download the app for your iOS or Android phone.

What can we change?:

What can we change? Changing family plans to be more affordable Offer more services to call emergency assistance Instead of dialing have an app Once opened it can be used to track where there emergency is

What can we change?:

What can we change? Check in app that sends a text or notification when your child has made it to school Track when they arrive When they leave school

Affordable Family Plans :

Affordable Family Plans Making phone plans affordable for all Long time consumers could get discounts for loyalty.

References :

References https://www.att.com

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