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The magic experience at the Melbourne Mosque. By RIOS Vanessa


The project : I completed my TIA project at the Melbourne Mosque situated on Florida Avenue. There I work with various students who had different disabilities such as down syndrome, ADHD, development issue, and visual impairment. I went there for a month every night. It was the month of Ramadan in which muslim people fast from sunset to sundown. Every night, women would place their children with young women who will watch/do activities with their children while they are praying. The women who were watching the children, had to create numerous educational activities every night. I work with children from three months old to age 7 th .


My early perception: At first, I was a bit shy to work with the children. I did not know what to expect and was quite shy on disciplining the misbehaving children. I felt overwhelmed with the quantity of children and the number of children who knew little English . I did not know what to expect and knew few people. I also was nervous because I am the type of person that get shy because of her accent. Since I am from Switzerland, I have a strong French accent. I was also wondering which kind of activities will I create for the child who has down syndrome and ADHD. They are opposite kind of personalities and had to do the same activities.


My actual magic experience WOW is the only word I would like to say. It was so much enriching, interesting, and different than what I experience volunteering in different Brevard’s elementary schools. I learned so much throughout this experience. I really enjoyed it and find it nice to be able to work with different disable students. I actually enjoyed more working with the child named Mohammad who has down syndrome. I find many diverse way to keep his attention on the activity and I also learned so much about the down syndrome itself. I actually did some research, spoke with his mother, and learn from him. However, I would say that the difficult part of this experience was to grow my patience. I learned to be more patient and listen better to the students’ needs, interests, and learning pace.


My on-going reflection I am still going to the Melbourne Mosque. I enjoyed working with students from different background, learning experiences, and learning methods. I am still researching about the down syndrome and various way to work with students who are affected by this disability. I am also speaking with the child’s mother on various way she would use to approach her son and other children with down syndrome. I would definitely look forward to work with other students who has down syndrome. I am still amazed by how children with this syndrome process, work, learn, and socialize with other children. My overall experience was magic, interesting, but for the most enriching. Thank you Dr. Dan for this amazing opportunity you give your students.

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