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It is a pleasure to announce that Stenner Travel agency comes with affordable travel packages. Being a member of one of the leading travel networks, Virtuoso, Stenner Travel has everything you need to prepare luxury and corporate travel experience. We have been renowned as the best travel agency in Vancouver a couple of times. Answering all your luxury as well as corporate travel needs, Stenner Travel has been one of the most affordable travel agencies in Vancouver. We have the best options for ticketing, transport and accommodation for you to choose from. With the best travel agency services in Vancouver, Stenner Travel is working together with the Virtuoso travel network. Our travel agents would always like to walk the extra mile you need delivering you the best travel packages. As a leading travel agent in Vancouver, we admire your safety and fun. Therefore, let us worry about planning your travel while you enjoying it. We will stay together with you until you land safely on your homeland after finishing your travel. We, as one of the best Vancouver travel agencies, always provide luxury travel packages at really affordable prices. We will make any experience of luxury for you despite nature and money. Therefore Feel free to visit us. We are more than happy to exceed your expectations with reliable travel services.


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D I S C O V E R T H E W O R L D T R A V E L W I T H S T E N N E R T R A V E L A G E N C Y T H E T O P T R A V E L D E S T I N A T I O N S F O R 2 0 2 0 With a world full of fascinating destinations choose the perfect place for a vacation.

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T O P 5 O V E R A L L L A D O L C E V I T A Italian Splendor I T A L Y 1 . Italy embodies the sweet life. Feed your passion for authentic regional cuisine and feast your eyes on Roman ruins and art by masters like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. 2 . G R E E C E Ancient Mythology and Modern-Day Delights Youll love the sun-drenched islands whitewashed towns and a mythic past that just won’t quit. Enjoy the whitewashed dwellings of Mykonos the historic ruins in Athens the sun- soaked cafes on Crete the famous views on Santorini and the UNESCO-designated Old Town of Corfu. G R E E K L I F E

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3 . F R A N C E Wine and Dine Your Way through the French Countryside If you can tear yourself away from the table you can tour the wineries of Bordeaux by bicycle float over the fields of Champagne in a hot-air balloon cruise the Riviera in a yacht or view the luxurious chateaux of the Loire Valley on a riverboat. M O V E A B L E F E A S T 4 . J A P A N Country of Striking Contrasts Walk hand-in-hand beneath cherry blossom trees in the spring or slalom down the Japan Alps in the winter. Dance ‘til dawn in Tokyo’s rollicking clubs or bask in a hot-spring spa. Immerse yourself in history at Kyoto’s 17th century Katsura Imperial Villa and gardens and tour the Jishu Shrine dedicated to the god of love. E X O T I C A S I A

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G E T I N T O U C H W I T H S T E N N E R T R A V E L A G E N C Y V A N C O U V E R T O P L A N Y O U R N E X T T R I P . . 5 . C R O A T I A Fantasy Series Setting is Ready for its Close-Up Since joining the EU and appearing in scenes from “Game of Thrones” Croatia has been basking in the spotlight. Walk along Dubrovnik’s city walls overlooking the sapphire blue Adriatic. In seaside Split wander the ancient Roman streets of Diocletian’s Palace dating to 300 AD. Head to the Istrian Peninsula for more beaches fishing villages vineyards and olive groves or inland to Zagreb a cultural capital with more than two dozen museums. S C E N E S T E A L E R w w w . s t e n n e r t r a v e l . c o m 7 7 8 - 6 6 8 - 7 7 8 1 i n f o s t e n n e r t r a v e l . c o m

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