collaborative learning or the barn yard project

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Collaborative Learning :

Collaborative Learning The Barn Yard Project OR Using group work effectively in the learning process By Linda Young

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This project will examine how collaborative learning, through the introduction and effective utilization of group work as an instructional technique impacts the students’ learning process.

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A group is composed of three or more people who interact over time, depend on each other, and follow shared rules and norms

What is collaborative learning? :

What is collaborative learning?

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When does this strategy work best?

Informal learning groups :

Informal learning groups

Formal learning groups :

Formal learning groups

Learning/Study teams :

Learning/Study teams

Stages of group development:

Stages of group development

What are the limitations?:

What are the limitations ?

What are the advantages?:

What are the advantages?

best practices:

best practices

What is the role of the educator?:

What is the role of the educator ? The role of the educator changes depending on the activity. There are three main activities that small group teachers have to manage simultaneously : managing the group managing activities managing the learning

Educators should be very clear::

Educators should be very clear : what is to be assessed what criteria will be used to assess the aspect(s) who will apply the assessment criteria and determine marks (lecturer, students - peer and/or self assessment or a combination) how will marks be distributed (shared group mark, group average, individually, combination)

ethical, cultural or gender implications :

ethical, cultural or gender implications

Resources and Research:

Resources and Research http ://

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