Social Media Integration with Email Marketing


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Make your email go places with social networking. With integration between your social media and email marketing efforts you can obtain results that you could have only dreamt about in the past. The more people who share your content within their social network, the bigger you can grow your opt-in subscriber list – with little effort on your part.


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Slide 1:

Email Marketing Served Hot with Tangy Social Media Chutney

Slide 2:

Menu Please.

Slide 3:

Waiter! What's on the menu?

Slide 4:

Sir, we offer SEO, SMO, SEM, AdWords , PPC Campaigns and blah...blah…

Slide 5:

Sir, we offer SEO, SMO, SEM, AdWords , PPC Campaigns and blah...blah…

Slide 6:

Hmm… do you have anything special?

Slide 7:

Sir, we offer special email marketing served hot with tangy Social Media chutney.

Slide 8:

Oh! That sound pretty good…

Slide 9:

But, hey… if its not finger licking, then you’ll be taken to task

Slide 10:

…at your disposal sir!

Slide 11:

Sir, Here is your plate of fresh & hot Email marketing served with tangy social media!

Slide 12:

Hmm…this looks awesome…let me taste your special Email marketing Campaign dish with social media.

Slide 13:

There’s something peculiar about your email marketing & social media chutney….which is making me eat morsel after morsel…

Slide 14:

Thank you Sir. Let me disclose you the secrets of our very special recipe for which our esteemed clients look up to!

Slide 15:

Sir, our email marketing recipe tastes different & better as compared to other email marketing dishes because…

Slide 16:

…we serve our email marketing campaign with mouth-watering chutney - social Media!

Slide 17:

This special Social Media Marketing recipe is prepared with efforts by our dedicated staff, who constantly works on making it more and more appetizing.

Slide 18:

Our Chutney comprises of latest social media sharing tools like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble upon & YouTube.

Slide 19:

Sir, FYI…a majority of the email marketing providers DO NOT use these major social media ingredients. ..

Slide 20:

… thus miss out on the substantial benefits of integrating the two great channels.

Slide 21:

But, we meticulously integrate the two social media & email marketing, which accounts for a very effective marketing mix!

Slide 22:

And this is what makes us outstanding & brilliant.

Slide 23:

Hmmm…..that’s quite interesting, chap!

Slide 24:

I’ll order a full Email Marketing Package with special & beneficial Social Media chutney right NOW! For my Business.

Slide 25:

And would also like to give a note of appreciation to your manager Valueleaf Services for offering me special…

Slide 26:

…Email marketing campaign combined with tempting Social Media sharing tools & a caring staff!

Slide 27:

Register me as your permanent client !!

Slide 28:

Good bye! Have a great day ahead!

Slide 29:

Your welcome sir. We wish you the same.

Slide 30:

Campaigning Bonanza =

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