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Valuetext: A Premier Salesforce partner company offers SMS App for Salesforce, Integrate WhatsApp With Salesforce, salesforce bulk text messaging and salesforce SMS gateway at an affordable price at just starting from $7.


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WhatsApp & SMS solution for Salesforce Value Text Pvt. Ltd.


Who We Are? ValueText is the first WhatsApp & SMS app for salesforce. Using by industries like Insurance, manufacturing, IT services, Healthcare, Telecom, & others. Our customers in across 30+ countries. We helps you to automate your business communication from salesforce without any development efforts. Value T ext Pvt. Ltd.


Why You Must Choose Us? Natively & exclusively built on the Salesforce platform Robust & easy to use App empowers the user to communicate effectively with Customers, Clients, Prospects & Business Partners across the globe through Single, Bulk SMS, MMS, & WhatsApp texting Helps teams to connect with a large no. of clients through anonymous features like Automation, SMS templates for standard or custom objects, International messaging, etc. Capable of marketing your products & services, send messages to all the related list of leads from a campaign or contacts from an account & it enables you to reach more & more clients in a fast, easy & effective way. “ Expand your customer reach with short & crispy informative messages & increase your ROI in 10X speed. ” Value Text Pvt. Ltd.


App Features Dynamic Templates Send a dynamic message to every customer with salesforce fields Plug & Play App No development efforts. Just automate your business communication with lightning components and flows which comes with the package Automation Send WhatsApp, SMS from workflow whenever record created or updated in salesforce Share Media Files Just not text, you can share media files like PNG, PDF, JPEG One to One Chat One to one chat from salesforce from the details page of record like contact WhatsApp Web at Salesforce Handle multiple chats at the same time in salesforce by using the Chat console Value Text Pvt. Ltd.


Global Coverage Send SMS & WhatsApp to any country in the world . Texting from Reports Build reports and schedule the messages Multi Channel Support SMS and WhatsApp. Enable you to set automatic routing between channels. Schedule Send schedule messages based on specific time Campaign Run campaign with SMS and close leads fast Bulk texting Send messages in one go to many contacts Value Text Pvt. Ltd. App Features


Customer Support Automate your case management by using the text messages like your customers can create case, know the status of case, escalate the case through WhatsApp messaging. Use bots to do the survey. Decrease manual support where every system can answer automatically. Bots Setup an automated follow up when the payment is pending based on days. Follow up Send notifications on every stage of the application process. Like, time to renew your insurance. Notifications Value Text Pvt. Ltd. Use Cases


Business Challenge: Sharing accident location to the field agent. C ollaborating customer and field agent on accident. Track the conversation between field agent and customer. Solutions Implemented: Collect information from WhatsApp   Step 1: case will be created based on the conversation between customer and first level support team. Step 2: A bot messages will be sent to WhatsApp to collect current location, Car Number & pictures of the damage.   2. Send collected information to field agent Step 1: When a case is marked as "information collected" then it will share the same information to field agent. Step 2: Field agent will visit the site and update his status and comments from WhatsApp itself. 3. Conversation between field agent and customer. Next level WhatsApp conversation between field agent and customer will be stored into the salesforce. Business Benefits: Earlier this entire conversation will be handled through multiple channels like emails and first level support data entry to salesforce. Now, they have automated the entire business process and data transfer between multiple people automatically. Value Text Pvt. Ltd. CASE STUDY: Straight through insurance company from Blue spec Group.


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Value Text Pvt. Ltd. Our Clientele 100+


Thank You! Contact Info VALUETEXT PVT LTD. 9-105,PR Nagar, Hyderabad,500018 Value Text Pvt. Ltd.

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