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1.The ancient Olympics/hold /in Greece. 2.Women /allow /join in /ancient Olympics . 3.The olive wreath/give /the winner/as a prize. 4.Only the Greeks /admit/as competitors Women were not allowed to join in ancient Olympics . The ancient Olympics were held in Greece. The olive wreath was given to the winner/as a prize Only the Greeks were admitted as competitors


the present day Olympic Games/host/ different countries. women /also/admit /the games more competitions /include /in the Olympics. The present day Olympic Game are hosted by different countries. Women are also admitted to the games More competitions are included in the Olympics.


The athletes/provide /with/healthy food/in the special Olympic village. The competitors /ask/to be honest /in the competitions the olive wreath/replace/medals The athletes are provided with healthy food in the special Olympic village. The competitors are asked to be honest in the competitions. The olive wreath is replaced by medals


The 2008 Olympic Game will be held in Beijing. China will be visited by many foreigners. Many hotels will be built by the government. China will hold the 2008 Olympic Game in Beijing. Many foreigners will visit China. The government will built many hotels.


The 2008 Olympic Game will be held in Beijing. China will be visited by many foreigners. Many hotels will be built for the visitors to stay in. will 一般将来时 be done (过去分词) 被动语态


They will complete the hospital next month. The hospital will be completed (by them) next month. __________ ______________ ________ __________


The students will be praised by the teacher. They will send the teachers home this afternoon. The teachers will be sent home this afternoon. The teacher will praise the students. Do together


will be done road widen trees plant hospital set up Have a try


hotel flowers build water classroom clean


will not be done 否定结构 Dogs will not be allowed to enter your classroom. allow


smoking stadium allow Smoking will not be allowed in the stadium.


The Olympic Game will be held in Beijing. Many things __________________for the Game. 30 billion yuan ______________on the projects. An Olympic Village_____________ for the athletes and some hotels____________ for the visitors to stay in. The roads _________ ______wider and better and trees and flowers ________________along the roads. The new Stadiums will be completed before 2008. Many volunteers(义工)_____________ for the game. will be done will be spent will be built will be built will be made will be planted will be trained do spend build build make plant train


Many policemen _______________ to keep order. During the 2008 Olympic Game, the best athletes _____________to compete and they ____________________to do their best. will be sent will be chosen will be encouraged send choose encourage


dirty river


polluted air (受污染的)


crowded hospital (拥挤的)


too many cars


traffic jams  (塞车)


crowded classroom (拥挤的)


few trees


What will be done to make the city more beautiful and attractive (吸引人的)? will (not) be done


increase(增加) decrease(减少) clean plant set up build 门诊大楼 widen

How many sporting events do you know? : 

How many sporting events do you know?


Every four years from all over the world are admitted as competitors. About 600 Chinese athletes took part in the 2004 Olympic Games . They tried their best to compete for gold medals. They won 32 gold medals in the Olympics. Liuxiang as well as the other athletes is our pride.We were all proud of them.


compete with/against sb. in sth. competitor 竞争者 competition 竞赛 key words E.g. In the 2004 Olympic Game Zhangnin competed with Zhang Haili in the badminton competition for the gold medal. They were competitors. 竞争


He admited that he was (not) a good competitor. X admitted E.g. He admitted having stolen my money. admit doing admit that… 引申: admit 承认; 容许 ;容纳 Only 400 students are admitted to the school every year. The cinema admits only 200 persons.


as well as 也, 和 He as well as I like sports. . as well as with together with 主语 + + 名词 + 动词 (主语) 引申: 解析:当主语后面跟有as well as, with, but, except 等引导的词组时,其谓语动词的单,复数按主语的单,复数而定。 likes ____


E-mail, as well as telephone,____an important part in daily life. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play Have a try 99年高考题 They as well as he is good boys. X __ are


Language Points : take part in compete admit as well as Grammar: will be done will not be done Summing -up


Language Points : take part in compete admit as well as 参加 竞争 承认 也,和


take part in 参加 I He took part in the army last year. X joined He will _______the discussion this weekend. A. join B. take part in C. attend take part in / join in +( 活动) join + (人或组织) attend + (meeting, class, lecture) __________ He didn’t attend school yesterday. 引申:


Test yourself: Women were not allowed to ____________ _________the Olympic Games. Did you ___________________the discussion ? His brother _______the army last year. Will you _______us for a walk ? I’ll go to ________ his lecture (讲座) tomorrow. take part in/join in/ join/attend take part in/ join in joined join attend take part in/ join in

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