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Who are Experts and What is the Expert Series?:

Who are Experts and What is the Expert Series?

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Have you ever considered taking a vacation to perform a genealogy research? Need help with adoption family history research? Want to learn how to search through and sort out census records?  Then you could benefit from the Expert Series found at Archives.com at http ://experts.archives.com .

Benefiting from the Expert Series:

Benefiting from the Expert Series The Expert Series sponsored by Archives.com is a series of helpful and insightful articles written by experts in the field of genealogy. These articles provide helpful insights to performing your own research, learning new techniques, or even expanding your genealogy horizons by reading unrelated topics of interest.

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These series of articles are provided by Archives.com free of charge to anyone, not just members. That means you can use the expert articles series as a great resource for researching and expanding your own knowledge for free. New articles are posted every two weeks by a new guest expert, and the articles cover a range of new topics that will give you tips and lessons on performing genealogy research.

Who Are The Experts?:

Who Are The Experts? Guests who contribute articles to the expert series are chosen by the staff at Archives.com based on their education, experience, and specific expertise. Expert Series contributors are often those with undergraduate or advanced degrees in research, library sciences, or journalism. Many have certifications in genealogy from national organizations, such as the Board of Certification of Genealogists. Certified experts have taken classes and passed exams that qualify them as meeting high standards of genealogy research.

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Others are journalists, authors, legal researchers, librarians, lecturers, and even perform full-time genealogy research for clients.  Although most Expert Series contributors are professionals in genealogy research, many are simply long-time genealogy researchers who have had years of experience in genealogy issues.

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Many of the experts have specific expertise, such as Frankie Davis, president of American Ancestors specializing in Native American genealogy, or Martin E. Hollick , author of “New Englanders in the 1600s: a Guide to Genealogy Research published between 1908 and 2005.”

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These are the people who know about the genealogy trade, are fully briefed in the most updated genealogy research methods, and have hurdled genealogy barriers. With their vast range of experience, these experts bring their enthusiasm for genealogy research to you.

What Genealogy Topics Are Covered?:

What Genealogy Topics Are Covered? The Expert Series covers a different topic every two weeks. You can find specialized topics, such as Native American Navajo roots, Civil War ancestry search, Scottish and Irish ancestry in the United States, and United Kingdom vital records search. General topics include how to get organized for genealogy research, searching US Census records, proper citing techniques, finding living relatives, and much more.

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Whether you are just beginning your genealogy research or have years of experience, you can benefit from the knowledge shared on the Expert Series. Perhaps your years of experience give you special expertise, or you have a topic in mind for the Expert Series. You, too, can present a query to Archives.com with you ideas and qualifications and become an expert yourself.

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