How Does Google Plus Stack Up To Other Social Media Platforms

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How Does Google Plus Stack Up To Other Social Media Platforms? :

How Does Google Plus Stack Up To Other Social Media Platforms?

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Social media is all the rage these days but let’s face it…not everyone in your market will use every social media site available. Some are Twitter devotees, others live and die by Facebook . Google Plus may be the newest of the big social media sites but it’s worth using because undoubtedly you will find more people in your target market spread across all three of these sites.

Sorting Your Contacts :

Sorting Your Contacts When adding contacts with Google Plus, you have the ability to place each person into a “circle” or a group of similar type people. This might be family, college friends, local businesses, or business vendors. This is important because now you can send different messages to each different circle.

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For instance, you can send a coupon to local contacts and you can reminisce about the good ol ’ days with your college buddies. Each message is different and serves a different purpose so separate your circles carefully.

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Twitter doesn’t allow separation like this unless you use a third party app such as Hoot Suite or TweetDeck . However, these applications separate your followers for easier reading for you. There’s still no way to customize a tweet for each group of people so all of your followers are reading every single message, whether it’s business related or not.

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Facebook has implemented a list format, which is very similar to Google Plus’ Circles and which allows you to share selected information with different groups of people. However, the hierarchy of their lists is not very clear so it’s difficult to determine exactly how many followers will actually see your posts.

Sharing Information :

Sharing Information All three of these social media giants allow you to share posts and photos with your followers but the biggest difference is that Twitter only allows 140 characters. Some people prefer the shorter interactions because they’re quicker to read and doesn’t allow for someone to rant endlessly about a problem. However, you may have to craft your tweets carefully to fully express your message when promoting your business.

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Neither Google Plus nor Facebook limit the number of characters but if you tend to ramble, you might turn off your readers if the message is too long. You still want a short and concise message, especially when using social media for business purposes.

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All three platforms have buttons and badges that can be put on any website to encourage readers to share your information with their circles. This is the modern equivalent to word of mouth advertising.

Video Chatting :

Video Chatting This feature is where Google Plus blows Twitter and Facebook out of the water. Neither have the capabilities at the moment to support video chat whereas Google’s Hangout feature allows you to video chat with up to 9 people at a time. This is great to use for staff meetings if you have a remote team or to touch base with salespeople who are on the road. This Hangout option is free, whereas other webinar or meeting software requires a monthly charge to use it.

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As with anything in life, there are good things and bad things about every product and social media platforms are no exception. Google Plus has some features that make it slightly better than Twitter and Facebook but there will no doubt be lots of development coming from Google in the next few years to better improve Google Plus’ features.

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