How to get competitive edge in digital marketing with interesting Quiz

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We all know that sustainable content on the website can engage the people and increase the chances of sale. One can use quizzes as a part of marketing strategy with good content. We have shown you exactly how to create an effective quiz by selecting title and type and then how to do the marketing with the quiz?


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How to get competitive edge in digital marketing with interesting Quizzes? Marketing Through Quiz


Creating Your Quiz Selecting Title Quiz Type Quiz Creation


Selecting Title Believe it or not selecting the title matters the most. Compare the questions, "How much do you know about the website designing?" against, " How much do you actually know about the website designing?" Adding a simple actually word has changes the simple question to the question which is like a challenge. We all know that no one likes to back down from a challenge.


Quiz Type It can be a knowledge test or a personality quiz. We like to hear good things about ourselves, so because of the “self-serving bias,” personality quizzes work so well. So, if you’re a brand that focuses on product sales, you could use a personality quiz to place individuals into categories with personalized product recommendations based on the answers they gave.


Quiz Distribution Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. You can promote you quizz through social media like facebook, twitter, Google plus and if you want to go further you can use paid facebook advertisements. Always use attractive image and captivating headline to promote your quizz.


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