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Export, import & transport of livestock & livestock products :

Export, import & transport of livestock & livestock products


HISTORY Transport started since Animals were domesticated, 8000-6000 BC’s Firstly with Romans along Persian-Mediterranean route, 1500BC-200AD

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Early Modern Era & Colonial British Era – Trade of animal products: Leather ,wool, musk etc. will be common. Currently, INDIA- the largest livestock population in the world (520.6 million) Largest: Cattle & Buffaloes 2 nd Largest: Goat 3 rd Largest: Sheep


LIVESTOCK PRODUCTS Largest milk producer in the world & one of the largest producers of other livestock commodities. The economic policy reforms & economic liberalization in 1991, increase India’s livestock exports,


IMPORT The share of India in global imports of livestock (0%) and livestock products (.4%) are negligible.


RULES AND REGULATIONS 3A of the Live-stock Importation Act, 1898 No live-stock product shall be imported into India without a valid sanitary import permit All applications for a permit to import consignments are in form. A or B The sanitary import permit shall be issued for import of livestock products after a detailed import risk analysis, by recognized scientific principles

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Permit shall be refused if the results of the import risk analysis show that there is a risk of the specific product Permit shall be valid for a period of six months   All livestock products shall be imported into India through the seaports or airports located at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai,

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After inspection and testing, where-ever required, the concerned quarantine or veterinary authority shall accord quarantine clearance for the entry of the livestock product into India. Central Government may, in public interest, relax any of the conditions specified under this Schedule ,

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The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 and Food Safety and Standards Authority Act, 2006 Any product not fulfilling the statutory provisions is not allowed to be imported into the country .


EXPORT India is still a small player in global market of livestock trade, though India ranks in the top tier of producers of different livestock commodities. Less than 1% to the world export of the livestock products,


RULES AND REGULATIONS Customs Act, 1962 Some of the goods are absolutely prohibited for import and export whereas some goods can be imported or exported against a license and/or subject to certain restrictions .

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Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992, The Central Government can make provisions for prohibiting, restricting or otherwise regulating the import of export of the goods,

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Agriculture & Processed Food Products Cess Act, 1985 & Agriculture Produce Cess Act, 1940. The exports of livestock products were subjected to 0.5 % export tax




FACTS ABOUT TRANSPORTING LIVESTOCK In early days, Livestock drives were the most practical means Animal safety is very important during transportation In India most malpractices in Transportation, than in Export and Import


RULES AND REGULATIONS Main consideration should be the animal’s welfare Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 Overloading of animals amounts to treating of animals cruelly

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Section 98 of The Transport of Animals Rules, 1978. Specifies the number of animals that can be carried by different vehicles Protection from the weather Partitions to avoid crowding Sufficient food & water First aid equipment in vehicle Ramps for loading & unloading 5 cm thick straw bedding

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Head of animal towards engine Relevant Vet certificate, Includes.. Chapter IV Transport of Cattle Chapter VI Transport of Sheep & Goats

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Transport of Cattle Valid certificate Veterinary first-aid equipment Average space is 2 sqm . Load after giving feed & water Advanced pregnant animals not mixed with other stock Water & feed during travel Must have anti slipping material Shall not carry more than 6 cattle

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Transport of Sheep & Goats Sheep & goat transport separately or partition, Rams/young males not mixed with females in same wagon Sufficient food & water

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Transport of Animals (Amendment) Rules, 2001 Contains.. Chapter VII Transport of Poultry Chapter VIII Transport of Pigs Chapter IX Miscellaneous Deals with the space requirements , facilities first aid, Veterinary assistance etc. for transport of each species.

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Transport of Poultry Poultry includes day old chicks, chickens , quails, guinea fowls, ducks, geese & turkeys Properly fed & watered Males & females separate Feed & water every 6 hours Not one on top of another No crowding in corners Properly labeled

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PCA (Transport of Animals by Foot) Rules, 2001 Applies to distance over 5 Kms . Certain animals not allowed Navel not healed Sick, emaciated, fatigued, lame delivered in preceding 72 hrs Transport in on-farm social group Prohibition of the use of whip Shall not transport on foot an animal before sunrise or after sunset


WHAT WE CAN DO…? Stop the vehicle as soon as possible Inform the nearby police station Give a written complaint against the vehicle driver and owner Demand for FIR See to that the cattle go to shelter Try to get media coverage.

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