Increasing Profits through Hispanic Buying Power

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Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez spoke Virginia Intermont College at a International Business course. The PPT places emphasis on branching out to the Hispanic market & their potential buying power.


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International Business with Latinos:

International Business with Latinos Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez Twitter: @ EquineValentina Hashtag : # LatinaBiz @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz

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@ EquineValentina # LatinaBiz

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“…studies estimate Hispanics have $1.1 trillion in buying power, a figure expected to grow some 50 percent by 2016 .” ( Inc. m agazine, November 2011) @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz


Stereotypes Spanish: Business – what is spoken? Exception: Brazil How they look? Italians – South America Germans – throughout Latin America @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz


Cuba – Black Beans, Rice, Pork, Yuca Colombia – Bandeja Paisa Argentina – C hurrasco & Chimichurri @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz Cuisine


Customs Caribbean, Central America, South America, Spain, & Mexico Food: Beans! Late-night eaters, Family-style Etiquette: Senor vs Don, Eye-contact Culture: informal vs formal, fast speaking, time, space Traditions: Holidays, Parties, Sweet 15’s not 16. @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz

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@EquineValentina #LatinaBiz Miami

Hispanic Perceptions:

Hispanic Perceptions Made in the USA Currency: inflation Politics & Religion: Taboo! @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz


Questions @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz

Contact Info:

Contact Info Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez Twitter: @ EquineValentina , # LatinaBiz LinkedIn: E-mail: Google Voice: 786-47-HORSE http:// @EquineValentina #LatinaBiz

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